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  1. no matter who is admin.. Let been online at least a month and i will be happy
  2. It work on L2Damage or just on L2Tales?
  3. Hi, Anyone can share script for anticapcha on L2Damage?
  4. Realy nice serwer... if I asked on forum why i got removed 211 points from ol class I got nice answer: "Sorry Kiols111, you are banned from using this forum! stop cry and get lost already kid 13 years old max lololol This ban is not set to expire." ps. I don't spam and cry but I just asked "Can you tell me why you removed my points from WildBoar" funny corrupted gm ...
  5. Enchant Attribute Jewels chance: 70% NO TY :-\
  6. [move] Grand Opening Is At 2/June/2013 [/move] Lineage II Dodge Server Features Basic Features Experience Rate: x2000 Skill Points Rate: x2000 Adena Rate: x2000 Full Freya Client Geodata & Pathnode Certifications Without Quest Buff Duration: 3 Hours Safe Enchant: 5 Maximum Enchant: 12 Maximum Enchant (NPC Enchanter): 15 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 60% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 100% Maximum Attribute Level: 4 Attribute Stones Rate: 100% Attribute Crystals Rate: 0% Attribute Jewels Rate: 0% Top Augmentation Rate: 60% Character Instant Lev
  7. Home>Donate>I accept / Next >>>> http://www.l2kronos.com/donations.php xD
  8. FAIL ADMIN makeing rr durring killing fu cking baium
  9. pvp on this serwer is rly good but olymiad sucks... w/o talizmans a lot of class can't do anything