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  1. and how did you make that conclusion?
  2. i am pretty sure that "CorruptedEmperor" is proly a buddy of Andre if thats how this community works then no reason to stay here and no need to ban me cause i wont login again....
  3. This user got mad just because i didnt want to buy his work and gave me negative feedback without appropriate proof and he also reported me literally for nothing just because he got insane. Topic Link of my site with proof of no logo Just because a member has a paid subscription doesnt give him the right to report anyone who doesnt like and give negative feedback...
  4. You think of yourself so high although you are so low and we can tell just by the way you reply on your comments and how easily you get mad and dont think everyone at mxc is 15 years old because some of your buddies are kiddos so if you have anything else to say about your work say it otherwise stfu and gtfo of my topic. capiche?
  5. then don't complain over silly things if you didn't even spend enough time... You spent more time crying and bitchin on this topic than you did to earn some money...
  6. i am the one crying? You are the one crying over a crappy logo that even you who created it dont like... how am i supposed to like and pay for it...
  7. oh seriously ? You have a pic with it? and i have a pic with you blackmailing me pics are easy to make so just a picture isnt much of a proof
  8. ffs can you see your logo on my site? cause i cant and could you please explain the reason i got negative feedback?
  9. Just because your logos where crappy and i wouldn't pay not even 1 cent for your work because as you mentioned it was 5 minutes work (meaning crappy work) you get all cocky and keep spamming negative feedback on my post because i didnt want to buy your logos? If you really intended to sell your work then you should really "work" for it and not just create something with random fonts and colors....
  10. dude you seriously got some issues that style was submitted by `iAndre i never ripped or used your style so find something else to spend your time on... and stop crying over little things
  11. I riped your style? when did you see your style riped on my website?
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