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  1. Ok that makes sense then. If you are being supplied with these 2 antharas earrings + the items then I know where they came from. Sorry to call you a scammer, you didnt say you were a middleman and not the real player.
  2. Sent proof to @Designatix as well as my conversation with the ADMIN of the server about this post. Kind regards, Ragnar.
  3. My clan has Ghost Sentinel Hero and Saggitarius hero. So you are maybe Moonlight sentinel? Moonlight sentinel dont even have draco set ++ bow or boss jewels.. so please someone ban this guy
  4. There are 4 antharas in the server. 2 from champions league 2 from my clan. I also know the owners of the antharas and I own one of the 4 earrings :D want more proof???? :D And where is the proof in that? You are a scammer, i will report this topic. If moderator wants proof ill send it to him.
  5. There is only 1 bow +6 in the server and i know the owner of it. Hero archers dont have ++ bows too. So yeah..
  6. Greetings everyone. Raidfight Features have been released to the website, you can find them here : https://raidfight.eu/features.php Also Contribution system has been released here : https://raidfight.eu/store.php Join OFFICIAL Raidfight Discord server here : https://discordapp.com/invite/raidfight Have a great day y'all!
  7. The first Raidfight had a huge impact in my life, not only in gaming but in real life aswell. I made friends for life from all over the world. I will be there with my friends. This server is gonna be amazing no doubt!
  8. Greetings, We are currently recruiting Constant Parties and Solo players mainly for mid rate servers and low rates aswell. Our next server will be https://L2World.eu, its a x50 High Five server. So now i'm reaching out to you guys to group up and start doing some work in this server. If you like OLYMPIAD-PVP-EPIC RAID-RAID HUNTING-WAR HUNTING, then you found your clan. Hit me a PM here in MaxCheaters or you can also find me in these social media sites : Facebook : Twitter :
  9. I got hero with this equip. Imagine how bad these idiots were in this pacman server.
  10. So apparently we have an update after all this happened. This idiot that has the server decided to just delete mine and my brothers hero characters. https://prnt.sc/q9t0av and these are our characters today https://prnt.sc/q9sylo Never trust this guys servers again. He messed up with Dreadnaught hero (He made hero himself), he messed up Saggitarius hero (Saggitarius hero didn't have 15 games). Deletes characters, helping his friends with items and doing whatever to destroy peoples fun. Never trust him again. He is a piece of sh*t
  11. This server is a CLOWN FIESTA! I got into the server 3 days ago and just yesterday started watching olympiad games. I decided to ask GM for items to take hero cause this server is a joke anyway. 500 online (400 bots) He didnt give me and I got hero with clean vesper set(Not noble) vesper jewels and clean weapons with Phoenix Knight. This Admin is helping a spanish clan from start of server, killing Antharas/Valakas with //kill for that clan. Today was amazing, these spaniards was killing QA, they did 51% dmg, we got here we kill everyone and we couldnt pick up cause of priorities. But here is the fun fact.. Priorities stay forever, they died they went to town and they just run back down by foot in 5 minutes and pick up. This is what Admin told me in PM in facebook: This is a joke server. No one try to play here, im leaving for L2World with my clan. Admin helps spanish people here and creating ghost players to have population. Also he doesnt know how this game works.. Even vote reward isnt working and he gives Reward by hand! HAHAHAHAHAH Delete this server and hide in a cave. 2019 and you don't know how to manage 100 players.