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  1. Greetings Maxcheatorians, me and my colleagues are looking to buy L2H5 source pack. Feel free to dm me here in MaxCheaters. My demands are : Price should be available and clear. I want to be able to test the pack myself soon as possible. Only serious, english talking and no tollerance in hidding stuff under the table. If you wanna make some money and continue making some money contact me, if you are trying to get an X ammount and disappear don't even contact me. Be 21+ years of age. Not even gonna bother talking to people younger than the stated age, since I'm aiming to go by the book*. Thanks in advance, Ragnar.
  2. I'm waiting for opening too! Thank you so much for giving us an x8 High Five experience! I'm gonna help you with the promotion as much as I can with my social media! Cheers <3
  3. Server died. 90 players online today morning.
  4. I was looking for a good Interface for High Five client. Clearly Deadz is one of the best around. Everything you might need. The fact that it's free surprises me but it's always welcomed :D Cheers mate. <3
  5. I want to sell a Hell Knight - 80Lv and 30% in Beyond.lt Character will be given with : Tallum HV set - Tallum blade Common - Phoenix Jewels Common. Also he has a sub level 69 > BladeDancer.. Price is 30 Euro. I accept only paypal. Message me here for more info.
  6. I'm selling Items and giving away chars as a bonus since I'm moving to L2Classic.club Items list : Vesper foundation set +6 120 attribute - 3 Vesper Busters with attribute + active skillls (Hurricane - Stone - Solar Flare) + 1 Vesper Caster Acumen 300 Fire (Prominence) Also vesper jewel set +4 - Shirt +4 - Bracelet. 3subs noble SE-SK All for 40 euros or items on L2classic.club. PM me here or reply on this thread so I can see it.
  7. Nice features! Good luck with your start! I'll be there! :)
  8. Looking forward for this server. I'm a low rate player myself while I love all Chronicles after c6! I'll check it out when I find some time!
  9. Stalenski dog appears. The server looks great. Has great potential. Its a mid rate that allows you to get equipment. Not donator inhouses. Im looking for CP members, check my post in Clans section.
  10. Greetings, im looking for CP members for L2Mythras x55 Mid rate HighFive Server. We are two people looking for atleast 2-4 more at start of the server and during weekened. We will start 24/7 and take it from there if its worth playing there. Leave me your skype so I can contact you. *Server opens 31/3/2017.