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  1. I have : DC robe set Wizard's Tear+acu Demon Dagger+cd Spiritual Eye 2 x TTS jewl sets (one set is missing one earring) 130kk adena +other stuff b jewls/mats/etc Contact me here via pm.
  2. I can give the following items: - dc robe set - maj light set - wizard's tear - demon sword - carnage bow - spiritual eye - 2 x TTS jewls sets - adena/mats The items can be enchanted or have SA. Some items may be sold and adena pot may grow bigger. The items are crafted by me mostly or bought before the l2evoke drama started. The ones i got after that, even tho i doubt they have any relation to the latest "drama", are on sale. Other stuff may be included(chars) regarding on what you have to offer. I`m not interested in chars just in items that can be of some use.
  3. Bump. Looking for something like this also or if anyone can point me to some program that can do this or auto switch on bars i would be grateful. Thx in advance.
  4. True tho injecting heroin in to a vein is the most effective, quick, cost effective and rewarding way to use heroin.
  5. Probably cocaine if you have needle phobia. ;D
  6. SPS due to higher speed/cast speed/decrease speed skills. (decrease speed skill(s)/cancel/run/decrease speed skill(s)/cancel/run/..../nuke/nuke/nuke/gf) Remember to specify the chronicle when you ask for help !
  7. More crit rate won`t matter... i doubt you`ll see duelist swinging his swords with normal attack in oly. For crit on skills he`ll need +STR (to a max of ~25% chance as far as i know). About sets you can go for overenchanted vesper heavy noble foundation instead of elegia. (i didn`t test it tho ppl say it is the best for duelist)
  8. You forgot to mention the chronicle..btw...
  9. On some servers Reflect Damage talisman can be found only at fortress and speed talismans from fort and castle are stackable. Buff cancel and buff steal talismans are from TW manager in exchange for TW badges and Transfer Pain/Increase Force/Max CP/CP regen talismans can be found at reputation managers in aden/rune for 500 fame points.
  10. So, if a dwarf has 300 earth on weapon, and he enchants his skill on earth attack wich will add 50 more points to earth attack making it 350, when clearly on that table it says that over 300 it does not make any difference (ex: 350,380,over9000 will get you the same ~70% dmg bonus), you claim that you will do extra damage.... PS: and no, i'm not trolling... it is easier to test the other way around since both attack and defense have the same bonuses... take a char with 300+ defense on some attribute [hit it] after add some buff resists [and hit it again]... you will have the same damage from an user that uses 300 attribute attack. (keep in mind that damage is random so you will need a decent number of hits)
  11. This issue was discussed here :