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    I am web designer but i do like to learn Java coding too
  1. Hi guys, Anyone know how to make a place to safe zone or a town to pvp zone? Can you please tell me how to do that ? thank you Also, I was thinking to make 2 PvP zones, 1- FFA (Free For All) PvP zone that will not show the name of the player so they cannot know each other. For example like L2Pride server 2- Or team PvP if you are with your Clan/Friend Thank you
  2. I saw a topic with the same request but i don't remember or have the link for it, try to search
  3. Den xriazete pia, no pack pou eixa den douleve kala , telos padon, ty gia osous thelane na me voithisoun
  4. Well, my problem is that I cannot find any link for the frozen pack. If you have the link please send to me so I can keep the pack with me. My friend, I agree with you that the paid version is cheap (10 Euro/ month it's cheap for me:D). But I don't understand what is the 10 revs. can you explain little more about it? Thank you very much
  5. Because I'm newbie and some people told me to start with l2jFrozen or l2jFree, whatever, the L2jAcis is paid but not free , right? how much cost???
  6. My friend, do you have the link to download the l2jFrozen pack? Im trying so hard to find a good pack and work with it, I am Web designer and c++ programmer and I would like to learn Java too
  7. Geia se olous. Prospathisa xthes na kanw ena server. To server doulevei mia xara alla to problima einai me ton filo m. Den mporei na mpei sto server. To mono pou mporei na kanei einai loggin alla kolaei ekei pou leei Low Medium kai Heavy (prin na mpei kai dei tous pextes tou). Nomizw oti to problima einai me ta ipconfig, Internal kai external Den mporw na lisw to problima epidi ola to l2jserver - einai new. Giauto skeftome na dosw 5$ se opoion mou lisei to problima kai mou mathei pos na to lisw. to skype mou einai : nour.samra2 TY
  8. Hi all To use it, put ddraw.dll into this directory M:\games\lol\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s\\deploy Your exact directory will be different from mine. But you get the idea. When you enter a game and you see the small league of legends pop-up, usually behind the logo, you will see a small pop-up saying if u want to enable. You must click yes or the hack will not work. Virus Scans: Scan 1 Scan 2 Download Link
  9. Hi guys , i want to buy full freya server , Server, Website . in the server i want with gatekeeper and gm shot and event and every thing and i want it with java codes , anti-l2walker , anti bugs and everything , Skype---->nour.samra2