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  1. Hi, I want to report this guys, all the account are the same person for sure, just get scamed 138€ :D
  2. Just got scammed by this retard, never trust a greek, that's the reason why this country is useless :D
  3. As a tittle say i sell kamael feoh wizard with dual class wynn summoner lvl 86 at 55%/trickster 77 and judi 55 with following items: R95 robe set full elemented 120 120 120 Pants + 6 R 95 retributer +4 300 wind Top grade pvp belt R95 CP shirt S grade + 4 Octavis bracelet full seraph jewels set + 3 augmented Dyes + 11 WIT cat ears + 3 INT water pdef/earth pdef/mental resist Oly ring/earring/neck Full R99 set robe in warehouse 2 earring r99 1 ring r 99 Zaken cloak 60kk adenas Augment items for oly: celestial/reuse magic skills/clarity twilight robe set elemented + apoc thrower for dual class A lot off talisman for oly. Pm me with ur offer
  4. Hi, As tittle says, i'm looking for feoh or wynn on shilen 95+ preference for DE and kamael female Elf could be good too I need pictures of char + pictures of your skills tool for see what did you remove when you go awaken. Paypal only
  5. WTS othell rogue lvl 87 DE female subclass SE 75 nobless party 1 done Apocalypse shapper (full no bound) +4 with SA focus 75 element in (can sell easy for more than 250 kk in game) twilight leather set full twilight jewels + 3 Frintezza Neck + 4 PA FOR 2 WEEKS AGAIN Pm for offer
  6. WTS feoh wizard kamael female lvl 88 with 40% Apo weapon + acumen all jewels immortal except 1 earring tateo immortal robe I can trade for wyn summoner PM for offer