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  1. You still working with Remorse for this server? Is he paying you in terms? I saw him, each thing he couldn't do in the server (like, everything it wasn't changing values) he sent it to the github with you.
  2. hi! can i have the password? im testing the files that xeL posted in shares and files many thanks
  3. some commands give me "Access Denied!" how do i fix this issue? nevemind, just restart sqlserver service
  4. hi! im using this pack, i've successfully builded the server and logged into it, created a character and play but i cannot use admin commands, i've set builder lv 1 but only a few commands that i founded worked properly, how do i summon items, spawn npcs?
  5. i fixed it!, the problem was that i tried to use a SQL account instead of a Windows Account, the panel works wonderfully, many thanks!!
  6. can you upload the full panel to other share like 4shared? i have downloaded the updater but it doesnt work, im trying to use L2AC to create an account in my testserver but it wont connect to mssql for some reason i dont know srry for my english jajaja
  7. ahhaha work on my server, ty nice share
  8. no work on my server u.u well.. ty nice share
  9. i edit the dialog and work on my server... thx nice share
  10. you can send me a pm with the post plz? i have server's... maybe it's works sorry for my bad english :P
  11. how is work it??? someone can tell me please sorry for my bad english thx!