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  1. What are you even talking about. None of what you say make sense. Not here not on your site. Nothing is clear regarding your features. I get that English is not your native language but don't use google translate, find someone to do it for you. You don't seem serious about your project. Imagine how you are going to manage your server since you can't even set a real GO date. Get your shit together and try again when your are ready.
  2. This server needs more attention than it gets. Seriously it's really good and bot free. Guys, if you like x25 craft servers you gotta try it.
  3. I had thought of a similar idea years ago but unfortunately i am not a dev so i couldn't accomplish that dream. My idea included a faction server with custom weapons like halisha doll knife etc (just those weapons not custom armors) but with a twist. When you would meet a specific requirement you would be able to learn 1 (or maybe 2) passive or active(s) skill from another class/race.
  4. Such a shame....I would really like to play gve server
  5. yeah it failed so hard... sorry about that.
  6. http://www.l2-reality.com/ this one starts today.
  7. I shall try it then. Too bad I don't have any friends to bring over. Solo player.
  8. So, do you suggest giving it a try?
  9. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/197237-interlude-faction-with-special-features/