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  1. I had thought of a similar idea years ago but unfortunately i am not a dev so i couldn't accomplish that dream. My idea included a faction server with custom weapons like halisha doll knife etc (just those weapons not custom armors) but with a twist. When you would meet a specific requirement you would be able to learn 1 (or maybe 2) passive or active(s) skill from another class/race.
  2. Such a shame....I would really like to play gve server
  3. yeah it failed so hard... sorry about that.
  4. http://www.l2-reality.com/ this one starts today.
  5. I shall try it then. Too bad I don't have any friends to bring over. Solo player.
  6. So, do you suggest giving it a try?
  7. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/197237-interlude-faction-with-special-features/
  8. " not pked everytime " he said. That is the opposite of what is really happening in your server ^^ pk everywhere anytime with no consequences whatsoever :) That is a shame actually cause it has potential.