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L2Ecca - February 26!


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I am glad to introduce you to our server and it unique features.


Unique Features


Ecca world

the feature, that we are most proud of:

It's a custom world, that has really strong monsters (and by really, i mean really strong, lol), which can be defeated only when entered with strong party, though, it allows to enter with party from 2 members!


Retail events

There are many retail events in server, such as  Master of Enchanting, Squish your Squash, Character birthday, Heavy medals, Gift of Vitality, Bunny, Saving Santa and many more..

Also, retail events will not give retail rewards!


Only one event will be activated at the same time, for ex.: Master of Enchanting is Activated for one month.

  During a retail event, you can hunt, collect, search all the time, while the event is activated!

  When retail event activation period is over, all items, that are collectable (not rewarded), will be deleted from our database.

  More information about retail events, date when it will be activated, will be posted in website.


Custom Events

We have many custom auto events, which will be hosted 3-4 times a week, and every week, the reward will be different!

I think, that i dont need to mention, that Game Masters will handle events too. By me, its the most intersting events, because Game Masters just have to use their imagination to host an event.. Incredible thing.

Server Information:


Exp:20     Sp:20     Adena:25     Drop:20

Raid Drop:20     GrandBoss Jewelery Drop:5

Quest Drop:8     Manor Drop:20     Pet exp:20

Retail Vitality Rates


Custom Information

NPC Buffer with only main buffs and schemes.

Shop 'till B-Grade

Global Gatekeeper



I hope, that this brief information has given you an intrest about our server. Well, just wait and you will see, that its worth it. All our staff are willing to make this server one of the best, but we need your support and one of the best supports is just joining our server, spreading a word about it, inviting your friends.

Thank you,

L2 Ecca Staff





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Party XP/SP:1x

Drop Items:20x

Raid Drop Items:20x


Manor Drop:20x

Quest Drop:8x

Quest XP/SP Rewards:20x

Quest Adena Rewards:10x


GrandBoss Jewelery Drop:5x

Pet XP:20x



Main Buffs (PP,EE,SE)



Buff/Song Time - 2 hours



Weapons/Armors/Shots Till B Grade

Consumables (Including MP Potions)



Global Gatekeeper

Champion Monsters






Here is the changelog of weekend update:


Fix for /unstuck exploit

Fix Hellbound

Fix Fishing Zone

Fix for no unstuck msg.


Fix for npe on Update Region

ShadowWeapon htm replacement, removed old

Max PoleTargets according to NcSoft's.

Fix for NPE on BomberSuicide? (Antharas)

Zaken Instance DayDream

Extractable Skills Rework

Fix for quest [CompetitionForTheBanditStronghold]

Fix for Quest State java.lang.exception.

Missing Item Hander

Fix for PailakaInjuredDragon x2 spawn

Add Missing Instance and Fixed some Instance

Fixed EnhanceYourWeapon

Many typo and correction fixes


Mammon Merchant/Blacksmith are in town

Weight limit increased

Vitality buff 12 hours reuse

Event Shops

Donate Shop

Mantra System

Rebirth System



Server is good but there are not many ppl , low community...

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