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Working Chronicles walker


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due to popular demand I'll share the chronicles walkthrough.


You will need:

Sauron's Walker Patcher, any version

IG/OOG with the tools required to make them work


don't ask for a working pack, I won't do one.



Login IP

Port 2106

Protocol 685

token 6125535B7B262A2D39347D5E232578782D505D61


XorString : string;
gserver : boolean;
i : integer;

Procedure OnCreate;
XorString := HStr('00 00 00 12 18 85 a0 00');

  if(not _gfromserv) and (_gAbsNumPkt=3) then begin
     gserver := true;
  if gserver and (length(_gBuff)>3) then begin
     for i := 4 to length(_gBuff) do begin
       _gBuff[i] := Chr(ord(_gBuff[i]) xor ord(XorString[((i-4) and 7)+1]));

save this as chronicle.fsc in your WP/wpsc folder



here's from my previous guide on how to setup sauron's WP.

I don't want this to become a tutorial thread on how to use PPC but here are the very basic steps. Open Sauron's WP (WP v5.04F). Proxy P-C tab. Enable the first proxy(S5 Proxy 1) (click the sun).


Now click on [sun] P-C ??????. A new window will open.


Topmost, there is a row of 4 buttons(???????,???????,Copy,????????). Press the first one. Then fill name, Host/IP, Port and press [ OK ]. IP and port have to be the ones mentioned earlier. The name can be anything.


Now, select your new entry. The listbox below the one with server entries should have 3 rows starting with red. Select the first one, the [...] - ???? ????????? next to the [x] button will now be enabled. Press [...] - ???? ???????, locate the script. You may now close the PC window. (Keep the main window opened obviously.)


In OOG options, Basic Options tab, add a new proxy IP port 1777(if you kept WP's default). ID and password don't have any use. You may want to put an ID and PW anyway(they don't change anything) because walker won't save proxy entries in its ini's unless you give a random ID/PW pair.


note: is the login IP for OOG but also chronicle's lower rate

add a filter for with the script if you play on Genesis.


At the time of writing this, this works so if you get any problem, you are doing it wrong.


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thx a milion times slt :D


k I get


Login loginserver fail


now my set file is like this
















I did the steps like you said afaik I can post SS's if you cant help me like this :P


IG aint working either, it says it is veryfied but it is scrambled same as if you login normaly with walker, party info is foked up, map is showing random stuff, etc


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I'm sure this is not the correct token, Im using another and works but I got "Login GameServer Timeout"


And Im almost sure that the scrip dont work!


This guide dont work.

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damn very sorry, the token was wrong


edited first post ;/



as for IG, it cannot work with the L2Chronicle client, you will have to use a clean system folder and mod it for the protocol and token but this is slightly trickier, you might want to make sure the proxy is setup correctly with just OOG first


It does work with the correct token, that kuako300 should go spam somewhere else.

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22:22:17 WP v5.07F © Sauron

22:22:17 Link LoginServer Succeed.

22:22:22 Login LoginServer Succeed.

22:22:23 服务器[01]当前在线率:4.16%,能否登陆:能

22:22:26 Link GameServer Succeed.

22:22:26 ->Login GameServer Fail.


this is what I get now I tryed to login many times, used the auto login :P

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OMG I wasnt spaming I just was saying dont work because ur old token didnt work.......


btw thank you for ur guide :)


and I ever get Login GameServer TimeOut


I'm using L2Walker 10.7.1 and WP507F

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you mean this?




now I'm getting



22:56:29 WP v5.07F © Sauron

22:56:29 Link LoginServer Succeed.

22:56:33 Login LoginServer Succeed.

22:56:33 服务器[01]当前在线率:3.92%,能否登陆:能

22:56:36 Link GameServer Succeed.

22:56:37 LoginFail.20.

22:56:37 ->Login GameServer Fail.


22:57:06 WP v5.07F © Sauron

22:57:06 Link LoginServer Succeed.

22:57:11 Login LoginServer Succeed.

22:57:11 服务器[01]当前在线率:4.04%,能否登陆:能

22:57:14 ->Link GameServer Fail.


lol :S


I'm using walker 10.6.6 and token patcher by hint

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