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    Gracia Epilogue Server


        * L2JServer Software to DP rev. 7664, Core rev 4416. This is just a base for Limbus, we have gone through and fixed known bugs that plague L2j servers, I.E. Reflect damage, summons with insane hp.


        * We constantly are developing the server to make things work that do not, plus add our own style and features in some places.


        * We aim to stay as close to retail as possible and still have fun, somethings aren't retail like but they work and that makes it fun.







    Rim Kamaloka




    Seven Signs Epic Quests


    Chamber of Delusion


    Hellbound Island up to Tower of Naia (still working on Naia).


        * Trust command (.hellbound)


    Clan Airships


    Seed of Infinity


        * Hall of Suffering


    Seed of Destruction


    Fortresses Sieges


    Castle Sieges


    Territory Wars


        * Saturday before Castle Sieges at 1:00pm CST


    Epilogue Hunting Areas


    Limbus Castle Proximity Alert System (alerts Clan members when someone enters and/or exits the castle premises that isnt in Clan)


    Custom Clan Halls (will post a map of where they are on forum because client limitation will not show them on map)


    Conquerable Clan Halls





    Monthly Olympiad Sessions


    Competition Period begins at 12:00pm CST


        * 12 hour Daily Competition Periods (time zone friendly for international players)


        * Minimum Class based = 5


        * Minimum Non-Class based = 5


    Fights are logged and maybe posted on forum for all to view





    NPC Buffer


    NPC Scheme Buffer (including pet/summon buffer)


    Limbus Shop including Consumables, Items to B grade and Mammon Services


    Master Gatekeeper



    ~Daily Events~


    Team vs Team


    Capture the Flag


    Hide and Seek


    Handy's Block Checker Game at Fantasy Island


    Limbus Coin Collection, shop in Giran to purchase items with coins



    ~Time Scheduled Events~

    (not always running, but will run at some time so stay tuned)


    Master Yogi's Master of Enchanting


    Heavy Medal


    Squash Event


    Valentine Event


    Trick or Transmutation


        * many more we always have ideas for event and put them in to action.






    Seven Signs is disabled any one can speak to the Mammon's




        * 26 buffs


        * 14 songs and dances


        * 3 hour duration


    Food items and Mana Pots from reward NPC


    Auto Loot all but Raids


    Sub Class max = 3


        * Class change by Quest or "?" mark icon that will pop up when you have reached the appropriate level if you miss it just relog or wait for next level it will pop up again.


    Sub Max Level = 85


    Noblesse by Quest or Territory Wars


    Weight = 5x


    Store Sale/Buy/Manufacture Slots = 18


    Max Inventory (non dwarf) = 150


    Max Inventory Dwarf = 200


    Warehouse Slots (non dwarf) = 150


    Warehouse Slots Dwarf = 200


    Warehouse Clan = 200


    Max Common Recipe Slots = 100


    Max Dwarf Recipe Slots = 100


    Retail Like Spawn Protection


    Vitality System with retail like formula


    Wedding System with teleport to Partner command (.gotolove)





    Experience and SP


        * Xp = 25


        * Sp = 25


        * Party Xp Multiplier = 1.5


        * Party Sp Multiplier = 1.5


        * Pet Xp = 5





        * Adena = 30


        * Drop = 15


        * Raid Drop = 5


        * Boss Jewel Drop = 3


        * Spoil Drop = 15


        * Manor Drop = 5


        * Quest Drop = 15





        * Enchant Max = 16


        * Enchant Safe Max = 3


        * Enchant Safe Max Full (upper and lower) = 4


        * Enchant Scroll = 60%


        * Blessed Enchant Scroll = 60%


        * Enchant Element = 50%





        * Hellbound Trust = 30



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