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WTS Sell Paladin with Shadowmourne-Rare Mounts-Titles-6720 GearScore-9000+ Achiv Poi


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Sell Paladin with Shadowmourne-Rare Mounts-Titles-6720 GearScore-9000+ Achiv Points


Dual Spec (PvE Ret and PvP Ret)

Six 310% Flyers

450 Engineering (with many rare engineering items including jeeves and transponders)

450 Blacksmithing (Tons of rare patterns from TBC and WotLK)

450 Cooking, Fishing, and First Aid


More than 9,000 Achievement Points




the Kingslayer

the Undying

the Diplomat

the Exalted

the Argent Champion

the Astral Walker




Bloodsail Admiral


Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Champion of the Naaru




Flame Keeper

Guardian of Cenarius

Hand of A'dal




Twilight Vanquisher

of Orgrimmar

of Sen'jin

of Thunder Bluff

of the Ashen Verdict

of the Nightfall

of the Undercity

the Explorer

the Hallowed

the Love Fool

the NoBLE

the Patient

the Pilgrim


over 100 mounts, here are some highlights:


Very rare mounts:

Ashes of Al'ar

Amani War Bear

Crimson Deathcharger

Sea Turtle

X-53 Touring Rocket

Ironbound Proto-Drake

Rusted Proto-Drake

Plagued Proto-Drake

Raven Lord

Red Dragonhawk


Somewhat rare:

Red Drake

Red Proto-Drake

Swift White Hawkstrider

Swift Zhevra

Violet Proto-Drake

Argent Charger


Albino Drake

Twilight Drake

Black Drake

Blue Proto-Drake

Bronze Drake

Brewfest Ram (60% and 100%)

Great Brewfest Kodo

Celestial Steed

Cenarion War Hippogryph

Both engineer Flying Machines

All Netherdrakes

All Nether Rays

All AQ Battle Tanks

All Talbuks

All Horde Faction Mounts



Some awesome and rare items:


Carved Ogre Idol (Turns you into an ogre for 10 minutes, 10 minute cooldown)


Tabard of the Lightbringer (Shadowmourne quest tabard, makes you glow bright light)


Muradin's Favor (Shadowmourne quest item, turns you into a frost dwarf for 10 minutes)


Jaina's Locket (Creates a portal to Dalaran)


Sylvanas' Music Box (Summons Banshees that sing Sylvanas' song)


Precious's Ribbon (shirt that gives you a buff)


Blessed Medallion of Karabor (Teleports you to Black Temple)


Direbrew's Remote (Teleports yourself and your party to BRD)


Titanium Seal of Dalaran (a coin you can toss)

Archmage Vargoth's Staff (Summons an image of Archmage Vargoth)

The Schools of Arcane Mage - Mastery (Teleports you to the Violet Citadel in Dalaran)

Romantic Picnic Basket (summons a picnic)

Toy Train Set and Wind up Trainer Wrecker

Bloodsail Admiral's set

Brewfest Pony Keg (summons a keg that you can click for beer)

Brazier of Dancing Flames (summons a nifty dancing flame)

Haunted Momento (a ghost follows you around with it's in your bag)

The Scepter of the Shifting Sands (Last quest item for the aq gates quest, incase the gates bug out again like they have before, you can bang the bong and get the black aq mount and scarab lord title)



Interesting gear/weapons:


Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Ashkandi, Sword of the Brotherhood

Apolyon, the Soul-Render

Arcanite Ripper

Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds


Vanquished Tentacle of C'thun

Defender of the Timbermaw

Full T2, T7 ret, T8.5 ret, t9.5 ret, t10.5 ret

Full Herald of the Titans gear set

A ton of other interesting Vanity gear and items


All Service Avaible :


- Transfer Caracter

- Change Name

- Change Sex

- Change Faction

- Change Race

- Never dont got any Problem with this Account (Never Bann or Used any Hacks Programs)


Messenger>>> Tilvanoiuadrian@hotmail.com

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1 : Atm, Cata is out so Shadowmourne is NOTHING.

2 : Muradin's Favor (Shadowmourne quest item, turns you into a frost dwarf for 10 minutes) is not a Shadowmourne item.

3 : Rusted & Plagued Proto Drakes are not Rare....

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Post a pic of the char or give a direct link of him also i will

agree on these.


1 : Atm, Cata is out so Shadowmourne is NOTHING.

2 : Muradin's Favor (Shadowmourne quest item, turns you into a frost dwarf for 10 minutes) is not a Shadowmourne item.


About the rare mounts , some of them must be rare but not all.

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