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[HELP] Pet dupe

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hey guys i would like your help.I have heard  about the pet dupe exploit and i know that is working on

some servers that they have not fix it.

I searched but i didn't found something..:/

Can someone share the exploit?

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I am not pretty sure what you are talking about, the only pet dupe exploit i know is the one as VirG0 said with striders.

Its main effect is the lag that it causes. You can use it on Java servers.

Do as the picture bellow


and just press the hotkeys: F1-F2-F3 quickly.


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well this exploit is a dupe one.And it's about transferring items from and towards your pet and somehow u dupe items-adena.

I think that it is a very private exploit thats why i cant find it out.

I know some well known servers that this exploit works but none of the people that know about it

tell me how it works....

So does anyone have a clue about this exploit?

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thx man for your help but it is not what i am looking for.

The exploit i am looking for is a dupe exploit.Somehow there is a way to duplicate items

with the help of a pet.And i had heard that this is a really complicated bug to do.

But i know it exists and that it is very private.... :-[

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i think what you search work only in dn

"maybe" cause some ppl say me u make coins in the inv of pet than u restart , if u try it with another item , when u relog u will find it droped and ur pet will be unsommoned , and coins can't be droped , i've tryed it but no resluts :/ coins comeback to your inventair

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