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Linage II Deriado


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Server Information :


*Rates: Xp: 100x, Adena: 250x, SP: 100x, Drop: 200x, PPxp: 2, Spoil: 100x, Quest: 50x

*Dance time 5min. Buff time 20min.

*Enchant: Max 21, Chance 60%, Safe 3(For red pappers); Max 21, Chance 60%(No lose item) (For green pappers).

*Custom shop: Non, D, C, B grades, A-S from drop.

*Greenpappers Quest (do this quest in Imperial Tombs).

*Hats, Crowns etc... for 1000 Medals, from drop.

*L2-Day 10% chance to drop from mob.

*Working TvT(Custom reward), MobChamps.

*Custom 7Signs teleporter.

*Mana pots(Restoring 200mp) swift, super pots for green pappers.

*Nobless for green pappers from quest and medals.

*Newbies Npc buffer till level 61 (buffs SE/PRP/EE).

*All players starts in Giran Harbor.

*Main base Giran Harbor.

*Custom lvl zone for newbies till level 61, outside Giran Harbor.

*Custom materials shop ( 1st level mats ).

*Custom recipes shop ( 1st level rcps ).

*Server Spot IT (Imperial Tomb).

*Every player get Weight Limit lvl 1 at start

*Skilled Development, Server 24/7 online. NO DONATION!!!


Server Machine Info :


*Proccesor: 9.2ghz (2.4ghz x 4)

*Rams: 8 GB RAM !

*Operating system: Linux(Debian)

*Internet Upload connection: 42mb/s, Download connection: 100mb/s


Note : Server is brand new and still in work, we add alot more in time.


Website :




Forum :



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New Update


Custom Are's in Toi 1 for papper quest

2nd NPC Buffer for Chars lvl 61-80 whit low lvl buffs

toi GK


in work :

nobless NPC buffer gives you high LvL buffs + chants

Hero NPC Buffer gives you higher lvl buffs + chants if you hero


Custom item from tvt/events

can be used to

gain special access to buffer

special ports

special  lvling area  whit higher adena,green papper drops + item drops

custom rbs in toi wich give you  a special drop that can be exchanged to S/A weapons and RB juwels you have to farm  a few to agin enough items to exchange

special lvling areas that can be only accessed by 1-40 player and another area that can be accessed by 40-72

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