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interlude [L2J] L2Demonic


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Server Is Online!!




L2Demonic Staff

Shilen = Owner/Admin

Drogata = Head Admin

Jin = Head GameMaster


Szmajso = Head Developer

BiggBoss = Mods Developer

Rizel = Enents Developer


Also special thanks to  X.Addytzu for some mods!!

General Info


Exp :  x 500

Sp:    x 500

Adena:x 500

Safe Karma +10 ( after that u have change to drop items )

Drop Weapon x 80%

Drop Inventory x 60%

Drop Equip x 40%



Enchant Rate


Safe + 4

Weapon Max + 16

Jewels Max + 20

Armor Max + 20


Normal Scroll 70%

Blessed Scroll 80%

Crystal Scroll 85%


Newbie Info


Weapons Grade: No Grade , D , C , B , A  will be FREE for buy/sell in shop

Armors    Grade: No Grade , D , C , B , A  will be FREE for buy/sell in shop


Vote Reward system


Every 5 Votes in HopZone will reward all online Player with 5 Vote Reward Items



Special Features


Olympiad Game Like Gracia Retail

1. Freezing  Before Start Battle

2. Buff NPC where u can choose only 4 buffs from 7

3. Back in town 30 sec after end battle

4. Register System is 2x2 Open nonstop ( you dont need wait to end battle for can register) when Olympiad game is runing Mode

5. Enemy windows status

6. Protect Dualbox/AntiFeed


AntiFeed System


Antifeed for pvp/pk/clanrep points

Dualbox kills not increase point

Server will count disconnected (unable to determine ip address) as dualbox

If character died faster than timeout - pvp/pk points for killer will not increase

and clan reputation will not be transferred.

Kill summon - not increases point

And something other bulshit not increase PvP/Pk Point


PvP/Pk System


All time when u kill or be killed

Your Windows system Will write you.


"You have killed PlayerX  Ytimes".


"You have been killed Y times by PlayerX.


Forbidden Pk/PvP Mode to use GK , Buffer , Shop and other


PvP/PK Color System  - Reward System


PvP Color System


Level 1 = 500 pvp

Level 2 = 1000 pvp

Level 3 = 2000 pvp

Level 4 = 4000 pvp

Level 5 = 6000 pvp


Pk Color System


Level 1 = 200 pvp

Level 2 = 500 pvp

Level 3 = 1000 pvp

Level 4 = 2000 pvp

Level 5 = 4000 pvp


PvP Reward system


I not Choise what to get from system



Pc Bang Point System


That system count how much time u have online in server

In every one hour u will get automatic 1 Pc Bang Point

That system is not reset when u relog or something like that

You can buy item from Special Shop with Pc Bang Point system


something like that





Vote Reward System


Every 5 Vote Point in HopZone , TopZone or Gamesite200

will reward all online players in Game


Vote Reward system will give you and 4 Pc Bang Points


1. System will not reward dualbox players

2. Offline mod Players

3. Away mod Players


Armor Mastery restriction  (class balancing)


If you try to equipt Heavy armor without Heavy Passive Mastery

you will not get Bonus Set


Offline System


You can choose Offline Gm Shop or Offline Private shop

In Main Town have special NPC where u can put your items and Price

everyone can go to npc to see what selling other players or just to add your items

You can buy item from Offline GM Market


U can make Offline Private Shop and to Exit from Game

In game your Char Name will get special color everyone will know you are offline

You cant log with other char from this account if u are use Offline Private Shop system



Anti Flood Protect


Use Items

Create/Delete Macro

Send Buypass commands

Send normal commands

Chat write ( global , region , Pm )

Change Subclass

Deposit/Withdraw Items



Other Protects / Special Mods


Full Geodata + Pathnode ( All Castle and Zones )

Protect global chat / You need 10 PvP Point for can write in global chat

Protect your Warehouse / You can locked your Warehouse with any user and password

Multi buffer NPC / u can choise normal buffer or schem buffer both in 1 npc

Multi Siege NPC / u dont need anymore go to all castle to check when will be next siege u can do this in giran



Enchant Protect System


You Cant enchant items if you not equip

Protect From All Enchant Exploits


Auto Events



    * Team vs Team:

      Standard Team vs Team fight with 2 teams.

    * Capture the Flag:

      Standard Capture the Flag with 2 teams.

    * DeatMatch:

      Free for all. The one with the most kills wins.

    * Last Man Standing:

      Free for all. The last survivor wins.

    * VIP Team vs Team:

      Standard Team vs Team with a random VIP player in both teams. Killing the VIP = +1 score for the team. The VIP is different at each respawn.

    * Simon Says:

      In each round Simon the NPC says a random text. The players have to say it too. The last one who says and everyone who says a wrong word lose. The winner of the last round wins.

    * FOS:

    This is same like siege but in event mod

    * Clan War:

Your clan leader can go to npc and join your clan in event so everyone member from clan will see windows where can choise to accept or canlce for join in event....



All events have special effect/mod/system

Reward From All Events is Different


Commands in Server


















Special Master


Custom Skill Shop

(You can Learn 2 Skills and Update 3 Time )


Skill Super HP

Level 1 - UP your Hp + 200

Level 2 - Up Your Hp + 500

Level 3 - Up Your Hp + 1000


Skill Super Cp

Level 1 - UP your Cp + 200

Level 2 - Up Your Cp + 500

Level 3 - Up Your Cp + 1000


Other Special NPC


Top PvP/Pk NPC in Town

Multi Informer NPC in Town

Clan Reputation Point

Exchange Manager

Skill Enchanter


Town System Mod


For Example If Your clan take Giran Castle

All NPC in Giran Town will have your Clan Crest



Raid Boss System


Announcement When RaidBoss Is spawn

Official System for Boss Effects and Spawn System

(Frintezza , Valakas , Sailren .....)


We have more work to finished with server .

I will announcement you for our work


Update Topic



Your Char Crash When you try to log in game ? or something like that ?

Now you can fix any problem with your char alone

Make second char in same account and fix your main Char



Use command .repair






You are bored all day to write in global chat " WTS Items + 20 "


You dont need make that anymore in our server

We are make special system for you

Now you can use offline Market NPC




What is this NPC ?


This Npc can sell your enchanted items for Special Coin

From this npc u can buy items from other players who is offline


How to Work ?


That is easy everyone can use


Go To NPC or just press Alt+B and you will see next




Now You can choise to Buy any items or to add your items

For Example i will show you how to add your Armor + 20


Choise " My Market "




Now you can

Add any items

Can see what items is already add in shop by yourself

Or just to get Back your items or to get money from items who is selled


Lest choise Add Item




Now you see all items in your inventory

Lest choise Imperial Crusader Armor + 20

( just click on Armor Icon )




Now you can add your price

Price is not Adena , That is Item with name: Special Coin

Put The Price and Press Button Enter


Now You Need Comfirm This Item . Click on the Button and you are ready




Nice Your Items is already add in shop





Now u want to Buy Any Item From Shop ?

Back to Main Page and Press " Show Me Your Items "

This Will be Open You Next Windows




Now you can choise what you want to Buy ( click on the Armor and that will show you all armors who is already add from other players )




Now Put the price and buy this item .


That is all . Now you can sell your items when you are offline .




VIP / Donate Status


Now we make only for VIP and Donate status to can have Hero Skills on All Subclass .

How to Get VIP Status ?


VIP status can be Reward from Any Event Game in Forum

VIP status can be Buy in Game From Special Manager

P.S VIP status is not easy to be get you need play long time and to be serios player !


Add Clan Reputation Item


Use duble click with mouse on the item and automatic you will get clan Reputation Point


Add Lucky Manager


Go to NPC and buy Lucky Box

Use duble click with mouse on the item and if you have lucky u can summon next items :


Blessed Armor Scroll

Blessed Weapon Scroll

Life Stone

Gold Bar


or just noting to happen  :) that is your lucky go to npc and see what is your lucky today !




Add Punished System



We are not accept kid/flame words


If you say "f*uck" "f*ucking" "f*uck...." "r*etard" .... or something like that

You Will be Jailed for 1 min ( first time )


If you try again to use bad word you will be auto jailed again but for 2 min

Every time when you use Bad words your jail time will be up +1 min

After 50 time on punished you will get autoban from server .


Be careful and don`t use bad words







We see little problem with Enchant Rate .


Now We change enchant rate


Safe +5

Max Weapon + 16

Max Armor + 20

Jewels + 20


Add Tattoos


Why we add tattoos ?

I see that is easy to make your weapon + 16

but is hard to make full armor/jewels + 20


Players with weapons + 16 ( boss jewels+buff) vs Players with armor/jewels + 5-10 ( buffs )

really make good dmg  and pvp end for 3 sec ...

That is not good , because we add little status on Tattoos Like


500 Cp/Hp , 200 p.def / 300 m.def


that will decrease dmg in pvp and will balance players with weapon + 16 to not kill fast other with armor/jewels + 5-10..




Add New Event System


When you see announcement

" Next Event Start in 5 min "

Automatic will be open and windows where you can vote for events

Something like that





So we make and when u see announcement

" Register Period open in 1 min "

to open you automatic windows for register



P.S if on one vote for any event ... so system will start automatic any event




Update Warehouse Protect


You want to protect your items if your account are stolen ?

Now you can make that .

We are recommend before logout from game to deposit your items in Warehouse

We are recommend to use different User and Password from your Login/Pass in game/forum


How to Locked my Warehouse ?

1. To to NPC and you will see next windows





2. Use button " Register "

3. Create account

4. Log in your Warehouse


P.S every time when you try to deposit or withdraw you need fist to login




You know server when ppl make fake nobles chars ?


Now we will try to stop that .


Add Command  .Noblesse


Command cost - 100 Gold Bar and 50 PvP Points


Need Level 76 minimum

Dont need be on subclass

Dont need talk with any npc or teleport ....







Update NPC Buffer


1. Schem Buffer

1.1 Add Nobless Buff in Schem

2. Normal Buffer

2.2 Remove Heal option in Buffer


Add new command .heal

Command work only in Peace Zone

You dont need any more go to NPC Buffer for restore your Hp/Cp/Mp








Clan Notice System


What is that system ?

For what we can use system ?


Easy questions and easy answers :)


Clan Leader can use this system to announcement all clan member when they log in game

Lest see how to work and what is the point


Press Alt+B and find menu " CLAN " and after that click on the " Clan Notice "

Look Image




Now you can Enable or Disable this Option ( On / Off  )

Look Image




When you enable this Options you can write your message and to press Button " OK "

Look Image




Now everyone clan member when Join in Game will see this message

On Image where you see "123" that is my clan name !

Look Image





Update Community Board  ( alt+b )








Add Boss System



All Raid/Grand Boss Level 70+ have chance to drop you

Crystal Scrolls , Gold Bar , Special Coin


Raid Boss Have official Spawn Point/Status/Respawn Time

They are not add in Global GK



Add Ingame Drop Calculator


Now you can check who Monster/Boss drop items who you need

Just use Item Name or Monster/Boss name to see what drop list have

If you put item name system will show you all monster/boss who drop this item

after that you can select monster and system will show you in map windows where is spawn point






Update Aio Item


Gm Shop,Teleporter,Olympiad manager,Event manager and much more!!






Update our events with timer


lest see some images


Last Man Standing


Show register players + timer



Team vs Team


Show max kills + time




For Other events have same system , but you will see in game :)



Forbidden Pk Mod System - First Week


How we forbidden Pk system  ?


very simple , If you get any player with PK nvm where are you

so you will die now that will be forbidden for first week








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Add New Commands



Type in game  and change your password

You will see pop-up windows in game where you can write new password


Buff Slot = 38


Website is not finished today i have big problem with my internet


You can use old web page www.l2demonic.net


or download patch for new server





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