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[L2J] Lineage 2 B-Zone


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Well our community has decided to expand her borders into the world of Lineage 2.


You can find the info to join the server by following this link : http://l2.b-zone.ro


Basically we are talking here about a high rate pvp server that has combined elements of low rate servers with the high rate ones bringing an unique way of playing.



Project Type : L2J


If other details are required I will update the post.

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Here are the server features I found on website..they look nice, i'm going to try this server :D



Basic Features:



RateXp = 5000.

RateSp = 5000.

RatePartyXp = 2.

RatePartySp = 2.

RateDropAdena = 5000.

RateConsumableCost = 1.

RateDropItems = 100.

RateDropSpoil = 100.


Enchant Rate = 100%

Enchant Armor Safe/Max = 20

Enchant Jewels Safe/Max = 20

Enchant Weapons Safe/Max = 25



Special Features:





All S-Grade Armors, Weapons are craftable.




All Main and Auxilliar Recepies are in shop as well as the basic S grade craft materials , the rest of the materials drop at monsters .





Server GM shop features :


- D-A grade Weapons

- D-A grade Armors

- D-A grade jewls

- Dye's

- Soulshots/Spiritshots and arrows

- Scrols D-A grade . S grade scrolls drop at Primeeval monsters and lvl 70 above Raid Bosses

- Accesories

- Potions

- Tattoo's

- S grade armors and weapons recipes

- Auxilliar Recipes

- S grade basic craft materials

- Raid Boss Jewls

- Echo Crystals

- Clan Basic items

- Shields

- Fishing Items

- Festival Adena Exchanger

- Interlude Weapons

- Interlude Armors

- Noblesse items ( Hellfire Oil and Lunargent)


Server Buffer features :


- Prophet , Cardinal etc. buffs

- Dances

- Songs

- Chants

- Pa'agrio's

- Resists

- Special Buff



Server Global Gatekeeper :


- all zones are available through gatekeeper except some Raid Boss zone


Raid Bosses between lvl 70 - 80+ drop between :


- 1 -6 S grade weapons -

- 1-12 S grade armor pieces

- 2000-14000 Festival adena

- 40- 80 S grade enchant armor/weapon scrolls .


Epic Bosses drop between :


- 3-16 S grade weapons

- 5-25 S grade armor pieces

- 14000-45000 Festival Adena

- 80-150 S grade enchant armor/weapon scrolls .



Classes are 90 % ballanced , we hope the players will contribue with bug reports or feedbacks regarding the pvp gameplay so we can help improve it. InGame Rewards will be given to those who contribue.





Events and other fun activities will be managed by GMs daily .




Event prizes :


- minimum difficulty events :


- S grade armor/weapon scroll

- festival adena

- Monster items (weapons and shields)


- medium difficuty events :


- S grade armors pieces

- +max on a item equiped by the winner at his choice

- hatchling


- high difficulty events :


- S grade weapons

- S grade Armor pieces

- Stage 13 SA Crystal

- +max on the winners equipped


We will be working over automatical events in time depending on the server's population .






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naab server

look at the info

they have their counter-strike and san andreas servers are good but an l2 maked by them is damn stupid



could you tell me what's bad about the info ?

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