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[EN]PC Upgrade


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Although many threads regarding PC upgrading have already been posted , I have some questions.


Firstly, I have to say that i have no clue about such things so i am asking for your guidance ^.^ .


So, i am willing to spend up to 300 euro to upgrade my computer. My graphics card is awesome so i want to know what kind of upgrades I can do (RAM, motherboard or w/e).Also i would like to know whats the price of 8gb and 16gb RAM.


Thanks in advance !!

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How should we know that to suggest if you don't post your specs that you have now.


plus about the RAM don't get amazed by the numbers , on a RAM it's not only about the GB but about the




-type (ddr3 etc)


even if a 8GB Ram has a shit timing it won't be fast

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Actualy , my pc is not working so when I am going to take my pc to my "pc guy" I will upgrade it too. I have 512 graphics card (i think its more) and 4gb ram . Write me down a RAM model that is going to make my pc run really fast , but with price in my price range.

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it's not only GPU/RAM to make a pc fast. everything is taking a role


HDD for example to be fast it depends on RPM

of course dont forget the CPU


tell me the ram you have. model of it so i check it , you may don't need to buy a new one. dont focus only on ram it's pointless...


if your pc has already enough ram (which i guess it has - 4gb it enough) no point to add more.

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its all about yoour processor man, ram is just about running programs


Not always, if u have a crappy processor and a sh1tload of ram then yea its about the processor.


But not in every case.

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