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    • Dear all, After 1 year+ in development, after hard work and with a lot of passion, we are announcing the opening of our server. 🎉 I will only post some basic information about the server - for extra information please feel free to visit our website!       OPENING DATE 17 December 2021 - 20:00 GMT+2 Open Beta: 10 December 2021 - 20:00 GMT+2    -> Will try to make it as soon as possible     Website: https://lineage2origins.eu   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lineage2origins.eu   Youtube video: https://youtu.be/bBr2xPWbKxo     Basic Rates    x50  x15  Safe enchant: +3  Max Enchant: +16 for weapon, +12 for armor and jewels   Unique Features   1) True story-driven content. Players will be able to shape the world and the changes will be permanent.   2) Moba-style 5v5 Olympiad.    3) Deep customization options. Over 400 skins for armors and weapons. Note: Skins DO NOT add any kind of stat - they only change visual appearance.   4) Rework of Support classes with regards to their skills. Support classes have never been so competitive before!   5) Raid Bosses are roaming around the map - you will never find the same RB in the same place twice!    6) Epic Raids' drop system has been completely reworked to ensure that Epic Boss fights are truly epic.   7) Rebalanced approximately 1600 items to ensure gear power balance   8 ) Reworked skills to ensure competitive PVP for both small-scale and large-scale scenarios   9) NO monthly Premium account - players will only pay for premium ONCE, and it lasts forever. 10) NO donation over 5 euros. If you are looking to enjoy the game you love, without worrying about P2W, we are here for you!   11) No P2W items that destroy game balance (e.g Olf's Shirt). 12)  Donations WILL NOT affect game balance. They are basically 2 main categories:  a) Premium account - which lasts forever b) Skins - purely visual    13) Stable server - server is already hosted on the biggest hosting company in Europe and is already prepaid for 1 year.       All feedback is welcome - and we promise to try to improve our server according to player suggestions!     https://lineage2origins.eu
    • Hello guys im looking for a skilled web developer. More info on my discord : IBM#3147
    • here is a small example of how to do this        
    • It has been more than 1 year since I read this post - but I never forgot it. Having been a hardcore Lineage 2 fan, seeing the state of OFF servers like this, and seeing other server with crazy donations, I was certain that this game is going to die. Unless I do something about it. Something that will be entirely different from what previous people have done. I feel I love this game too much, to let it go without trying my best to "show" people how this game can change.   It was not easy. While I have been playing L2 for half of my life (with breaks ofc due to real life), I knew few things about "creating" a game. Luckily, along the way, I met people who also have a passion for the game and helped me do it. To touch on your post mate: 1) Server owners: Judging from what I have seen, a server owner has to have 2 important characteristics:  a) To open the server because he has a good salary, and he can support hosting/coding/web/other employee costs. A server owner with the correct mindset, has to calculate that he is going to make 0 money out of this. If a server owner starts thinking about how he can squeeze money out of players, it is already a doomed project. b) To love Lineage 2, more than money - and be prepared to innovate! 2) Players: Players just want something they can rely on. Maybe they will be skeptical at first. Maybe they will not believe the good intentions. But sooner or later, and due to the hard work done by server owners, they WILL SEE that a server is worth it. Back when L2 launched we used to be 13-14 years old? Now we are 30+. Some of us have families, some of us are planning to. Yes, we cannot devote 12h per day like we used to, BUT this is exactly why we need to innovate. Pinpoint all the pain points l2 has, and create something that can go around this. And people will welcome the effort. I believe this, from the bottom of my heart. 3) Developers: Contrary to what you said, I believe that there are quality developers out there. They are people, just as players. They love l2 like the players. They most likely still play L2. The developer WILL DELIVER a good project, as long as the owner has a vision for a good project. Devs are engineers - they build what they are told. They are getting paid to build what they are told!  Having said all that, and after a year of development, I have completed the project I was aiming to build. Fortunately, I did have valuable help from people from MxC community, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Without them, it would not be possible. Since this is not an advertising section, I will only post the link for the preview section for MxC. ->      All feedback is welcome. I promise I will try to improve the project as much as I can - to the best of my abilities. Thanks, and feel free to get in touch in me!
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