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[SHARE] Interlude OFF files !! Updated 3.11.07

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- Fixed online status in clan member list.

- Bbackstab hit in HP directly (without CP).

- New istant kill effect, type 1, 2 or 3.

- Shop like on official. All city's, spellbook, weapons, armory, accessories, consumables.

-Break Duress Skill removed item required.



-Added all Clan Hall Recipe as Interlude.

-Fixed Shadow Weapon Fist rate

-Fixed sonic move no item required.

- Dark Vortex HP drain increased.

- Mirage abnormal time increased

- Pagan Temple location remade. Fixed mob skills, and remade AI.

- Primeval Isle fixed agro range and clan help range. Fixed Dynozaurus skills.

- Fixed dialog for marketeer of mammon forgot in previous fix for Ancient Book Divinity.



- Activated Herbs system.

- Updated Stats for some npc.

- Drop data updated.

- Fixed queen ant larva and queen ant.

- Fixed some other water zone.



- Updated all Abnormal type with newone, now lot of buff will be stackable.

- Added Mirage skill effect.

- Fixed Rabbit Spirit Totem duration 120sec.

- Fixed effect Dead Eye by weapon.

- Fixed Basic Property for SA skill.

- Fixed Shadow Weapon type dualfist.



- Fix Black Marketeer Mammon like on off and add line for buy Ancient Book.

- Fix for guild master. Now dialogs for clan management only for clanleader.

- Fix ancient book removed from Merchant Mammon

- Add to new block for Black Marketeer Mammon.

- Add water zone for interlude (Primeval Isle).

- Fixed and protected Clan Management dialogs

- Rift manager fix: back teleport from rift to correct catacomb

- Correct spawn for all mammons (new catacomb also).

- Herbs: add all herb mobs

- All clan skills now with new effects(Rank working now).

- Fixed skill clan luck with correct effect.

- Rift teleporter. Back to world. Fix for 3 new catacombs position.



-Fixed all Shadow Weapon.

-Fixed Branded geodata.

-Updated Mana Burn, Mana Storm effect, added abnormal invisibility to skill that use it.

-Fixed interlude passive skill lvl 78.

-Primitive isle fixed first tunnel.

-Some C5 weapon fixed.

-Fixed force buster and force storm focus number.

-Fixed Bear Spirit Totem and Hawk Spirit Totem with retail effect.


File: Newserver 3.11.07.rar



*Click Here*


Credits to : Smerch (ragezone)

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we cracked this one...and well, the server didnt save your location nor level and mobs dont drop adena and dont give any exp or sp, as well as normal drops are weirdly low.


we managed to fix the location/level saving problem, but the mobs resist fixing...anyone succeeded?

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The server have herb system but is not 100% finish. How to put herbs on this server:

Add this event on your eventdata.ini ( need to be the first to work )






		dropitem0=herb_of_life2 4
		dropitem1=greater_herb_of_life1 1
		dropitem2=superior_herb_of_life1 1
		dropitem3=herb_of_mana2 4
		dropitem4=greater_herb_of_mana1 1
		dropitem5=superior_herb_of_mana1 1
		dropitem6=herb_of_power2 2
		dropitem7=herb_of_magic2 2
		dropitem8=herb_of_atk_spd1 2
		dropitem9=herb_of_casting_spd1 2
		dropitem10=herb_of_critical_attack1 2
		dropitem11=herb_of_speed1 2
		dropitem12=herb_of_the_warrior1 2
		dropitem13=herb_of_the_mystic1 2
		dropitem14=herb_of_recovery1 1

		droptime0= 2007/10/16-6:00 ~ 2008/10/23-23:59




Now edit your configuration file: script/botcheck.ini


// ------ HERB SYSTEM --------
// Enable Herb system
// Drop time period for each group
// Amount for item drop. Where {xxx;yyy} xxx- item for drop (must be have herb_item type), yyy - amount in drop
// Level checking for player and mob


You will have herbs on your server, works like on l2j .




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Thx. MORE:

Ok this server have allot of commands, i`ve searching the dll with ida and i`ve found more commands:


// for cursed weapons


// for marriage




HOW TO FIX THE WATER BUG , ( when you `die` in water your server is down :) )

Open script/areadata.txt and delete all area_data entrys with water.

This will disable the water and the fishing. ( for a pvp server is good but for a low rate... )


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New version of the DLL : ( Cracked ) http://rapidshare.com/files/76145208/l2serverx64-dll.zip.html

  - you need to make the boss_pointsdata.ini file ( how much reputation points when you kill a raid boss )

  - dont use the flood protection, is sucks use the amped one...


That is all.. for a pvp server this server is good if you make some fixs .



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Hi !


My client not connect to this l2server-dll.exe.  The error on server console: [usersocket]unknown protocol 252

Server run, online, but the client not connect. Client log on, serverlist show the server ONLINE and not login to server.


Whats the problem ?



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