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The ElektraL2 aka EL2 server is a PVE and PVP server. Whats this mean? For players that want to play by PvP rules they can sign up with RedruM the PvP manager and begin to play by PvP rules. For those that wish to play PvE style you can just go about your business and play by PvE rules.




15x Exp

20x SP

20x Adena

20x Drops

20x Spoil


+3 safe (+4 safe on full)

+25 max

66% chance all pieces


Server Specs:

AMD 6400+ 64bit Dual Core

8gb DDR2 RAM

74gb 10,000 rpm Western Digital Raptor (OS)

36gb 10,000 rpm Western Digital Raptor (L2 server)

36gb 10,000 rpm Western Digital Raptor (Database)

40gb 7200 rpm Western Digital IDE (backup data)

40gb 7200 rpm Western Digital SATA (backup data)




The Bartz server has AUTOREWARDS:

How do you collect auto rewards? Just login and play! Some great items can only be obtained through AUTOREWARDS such as all grades of blessed enchant scrolls for weapons and armor and the nvidia logo (used for a free trip to the classmaster).



We also have a wide variety of custom npcs for your gaming pleasure.

For Example:



Mini Games NPCs:

Hi-Lo Game

Game of 20 <- much like blackjack




Super Slots



Custom Invasion NPCs:

Fantasy Island is home to the invasion that is entirly made up of custom npcs with custom drop lists. This even is run every 2 hours and is open to all players from 20 to level 80+. You don't want to miss this!


Fish Merchant:

The fish merchant arrives for an hour every Saturday in Giran to give you event points for you weeks catch.


Happy Hour and Pary Hour:

Happy hour occurs twice daily and Party hour occurs once a week. During Happy hour basic rates are doubled for 60 minutes and during Party hour party rates are doubled for 1 hour.


Custom Adena Drop:

All monster level 20 and below drop 2x the normal adena to help all the new characters get the gear they need to survive.



Fantasy Island:

Is home to a bunch of custom nps for your gaming needs! Need to get married? Talk to the Water Priestess and she'll having you say "I DO!" in no time.



Custom Shops:

Shot sellers available in every town and at various camps in game.

Hi grade shops carry up to b grade weapons but don't let the name fool you, these weapons aren't the best of their grade.

There are various other npcs to help out you crafters as well as npcs to help you craft the higher grade items you need.



Mats Manager:

The mats manager can take your no longer needed weapons or armor and turn them into valuable materials. This service is available to all players in the town of Giran.


Rates Manager:

All players can donate their excess adena to the Rates Manager and when the adena reaches the goal the entire server recieves 2x rates for 1 hour.



Need to get somewhere fast? Use the global gatekeepers!



Be sure to check out enchanted forest... a totally custom and original location exclusive to ElektraL2!



We have nearly 18,000 more spawns than the offical spawn list.






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talk to the RedruM npc, hes spawned in almost evry town. He will give you a new title and and change the title and name color to identify that you wish to play by pvp rules. anytime you wish to go back you talk to the same npc and he will change it back to basic colors and remove the title.

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i came over and tried and ill tell you it was nice to be able to make it to talking island village from the fighter school without having to try and fight 10 pkers off. you really did us non pvpers a favor with the pvp rules

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there is a custom shop that carries a huge selection of hats, agathions, potions and scrolls. event points can also be used to purchase reccomendations from the same npc, event points are required to buy the high level skill books. event points can be obtained in the monster invasion, autorewards, gm sanctioned events, fishing and pvp event totals and from the fish manager that visits weekly.

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