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[Guide]Pws na ftiaksete diko sas spawn.

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Loipon exume kai leme.pame sto meros akrivos pou 8elume opws stin foto k patame /loc k mas bgeni to loc PX:


Pame navicat>l2jdb>teleport kai patame ton stauro(add)

Bazume ena name pou 8elume.sto dipla kutaki ena id megalo kapos px 777777 kai meta me tin sira tis sinetagmenes p dixnei i foto(analoga me to p patisate /loc alazun).

Meta pame stin gatekeeper mas (server>gameserver>data>html>teleporter>"ID" kai deksi clik epeksergasia.

Antigrafume ena code p 8a ine kapos etc >>

<tr><td><a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_goto 9050"><font color="LEVEL">Fortress of the dead</font></a></td></tr>

kai eki p leei 9050 bazume to id p balame sto database(egw evala 777777).k save k telos ty ;)


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