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interlude L2Saint [Interlude L2OFF server]


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This is not my server its the server im currently playing at


website: http://l2saint.com

forum: http://forum.l2saint.com


New Server

Server Information:


server is hosted at USA.


Server Hardware:

Quad Xeon 3220 2.4ghz

8GB DDR3 Ram

2x 150gb 10k RPM HDDs

100mbs uplink connection


Server rates:

50x EXP

100x SP

150x Adena

1x drop

1x spoil


Server features:

L2OFF Server.


Custom shops in town.

Global Gatekeeper.

Auto Learn Skills.

24 buffs slots.

NPC Buffer.

Debuff Bar.

Augmentation system

Fully working clan system

Every respawn from the Global Gatekeeper is a safe zone.

Class manager for free class change

Cursed Weapon System. (Zariche and Akamanah).

Every char borns level 20 with top D armor and weapon.

Giants Cave is our custom farm zone for high levels.

Dragon Valley Cave is our custom farm zone for mid levels.

You gotta unseal your A and S Grade armors with Ancient Adena.

Ancient Adena is farmable in our custom farm zones ONLY.

Every weapons grades are being sold at the shop with SA included, except the S Grade weapons.

You gotta farm your S Grade weapons by full drop at Giants Cave.

When you take the armor seal off it loses the enchants.

When you SA a weapon it loses the enchants.

Current olympiad system is monthly.

You need 10 fights and 1 win to be avaliable to become an hero of your class.

Barakiel respawn time has been set to 3 - 5 hours.

Barakiel level is set to 74, such as his minions

Sub Class quest raid bosses respawn has been set to 3 - 5 hours.


Enchant rates:

Fighter weapons before +15 is 60%

Fighter weapons after +15 is 20%

Mage weapons before +15 is 45%

Mage weapons after +15 is 10%


have fun !


Currently 542 players online


Remember not my server but i will answer all the questions that i can



website: http://l2saint.com

forum: http://forum.l2saint.com



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