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[Addon]Wide Addons - Biohazard Zombie Mod


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Description: how a Biohazard Zombie addons.

Contains: Amxmodx 1.8.1, 1.7.0 Booster, Dproto 3.5

Download: http://www.girlshare.ro/760670.9

Version: 1.0

Credits: Il3gal


; Base

admin.amxx; plugin for the admin

admincmd.amxx, the admin commands (kick, ban, slay, etc ...)

multe_pluginuri.amxx, Plugins for the finger


, Administrative

amx_who.amxx; View online admins and their levels (amx_who / admin_who)

comenzi.amxx; A range of commands for admin


; Anti Coded

anti_codati.amxx; imbimate Various plugins for help finding encode


; Statistics

statsx.amxx; plugin statistics (top, rank)

statsx2.amxx, Showing the best player of the round

miscstats.amxx; events counter-strike

prepare.amxx, Sounds from the beginning of the round, headhsot.

timeleft.amxx; View time left on the server (timeleft, thetime)



; Messages

mesaje.amxx; Show messages in chat (colored) and HUD (see picture)


; Miscellaneous

diverse.amxx; Various plugins finger on me

; incalzire.amxx; Round Heating in blades (to let you go to the polls at the beginning of round)

stuck.amxx; If you stay stuck in something you unlock

amx_parachute.amxx, pressing 'e' you left

lasermine.amxx; lasers on a server

multijump.amxx, press space several times and jump

bullet_damage.amxx, how much dmg i do enemy

join_ip.amxx; Show when someone connects to the server

cfg_gef.amxx; Effects super to Grenada

cfg_criticalstrike.amxx; effects as you take great life


; Biohazard plugins


biohazard.amxx, plugin based

bio_smokeflare.amxx, transforms into the lamp's smoke

bio_painsounds2.amxx, Sounds cool server

Administrative Orders:

amx_who - check the server admins and their levels 
admin_who - check the server admins and their levels 
amx_pass - put a password to the server 
amx_unpass - Scotland password on the server 
amx_t - move a player to terror 
amx_ct - move a player from CT 
amx_spec - move a player to spectators 
amx_ss - 3 photos of a player do 
amx_demo - doing demo to someone 
amx_stopdemo - Stop demo 
amx_destroy - cs destroy someone's 
amx_showip - see IPs players (not the administrator) 
amx_quit - applying this command on a player, it leaves the CS II 
amx_llama - Llama giving someone 
amx_unllama - Scotland llama someone 
amx_restart - you restart the round 
amx_restartround - you restart the round 
amx_shutdown - stop serveru 
amx_autokick (0 / 1) - automatically kick AFK (1 - on, 0 - off) 
amx_buytime - change your buytime 
amx_c4timer - change time bomb 
amx_fadetoblack (0 / 1) - screen is black when player die (1 - on, 0 off) 
amx_forcechasecam - <1 = 0 = Spec Anyone Only Team 2 = Spec His Own Dead Body 
amx_forcecamera - <0 = free 1 = Only First Person Spec 
amx_footsteps - Stairs Listen <1/ON or 0/OFF 
amx_freezetime - freezetime set your server 
amx_friendlyfire - set your friendlyfire (1 - on, 0 - off) 
amx_hostagepenalty - The number of hostages killed to get kicked 
amx_autoteambalance - balance teams 
amx_limitteams - how many players to enter a team (eg amx_limitteams <5>) 
amx_maxrounds - maximum of rounds on a server (eg amx_maxrounds 4 - 4 rounds are on the server) 
amx_roundtime - roundtime set your server 
amx_timelimit - timelimit set's (timelimit = time to change the map) 
amx_tkpunish - Tero will receive slay for a round (1 - on, 0 - off) 
amx_startmoney - money that will be set on the server 
amx_alltalk - Allows each player to hear Mic Chat <1/ON or 0/OFF 
amx_gravity - set gravity on a server 
amx_allow_spectators - It lets viewers <1/ON or 0/OFF> 
amx_decalfrequency - time required between each spray Decal <secunde> 

Public Orders:

bind v + setlaser - you can put lasers
amx_who - Check the server admins and their levels
admin_who - Check the server admins and their levels
amx_showip - see IPs players (not the administrator)
/ Maps - maps showing the last 5 played on server
/ Reset - reset score
/ Resetscore - reset score

Modules :

; Module disabled

, mysql
, sqlite
; nvault
; regex

; Modules Activate

Grade Admin ( AMX_WHO )

;"Super Moderator",













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