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Custom NPC instance, can:


- show information about materials needed to craft item;

- craft items for players, player must have recipe and all materials;

- break items to crystals.


Who need this?


- low population servers, where dwarves are bored to play;

- PvP servers, where crafting excluded;

- with disabled craft, crystallize future - its good online helper about materials.


You can customize it by your needs:


- manager can only show information about crystal count or materials needed to craft item;

- common or dwarven craft can be strict;

- price of crystallize and manufacture can be changed in accordance with your server rates.


What is in archive:

- java source, must be place in gameserver/model/actor/instance

- default properties, must be in you server config folder

- example html,must be in default folder, and sql (maybe u'll need to correct the npc id to proper one)

- example screens of craft/crystallize menu



- fix for error while 'BreakItem' bypass after

- additional check for hero items added



- fix for consumable items craft

- additional fix for material consume, dependet on server craft rates

- litl typo fix



- html messages about lack of adena/materials/items

- crystillize menu reworked to fancy one with checkboxes =)

- small code clean up.






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