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[Addons]Zombie Infection v1.2


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Description :

• Addons Zombie Infection ( Biohazard v2.0 Beta 3 ) AmxModX v1.8.1,Metamod v1.19 & BoosterLiteMM v1.1.3

Download1 : http://fisierulmeu.ro/641T88FAQYZ1/XSZ-addons-rar.html

Download2 : http://www.filebox.ro/down.php?key=zwklgtreqvoi6zom

Version : v1.2

Credits:by.roby# eoLithic




• Administrative


adminfix.amxx - fix admin on steam.

admin_freelook.amxx - when you death you can't watch a suspect player

amx_llama.amxx punishment for those who have a vulgar language or other reasons.

amx_lastip.amxx - you can't see ip of last 5 players of server



• Language

swear_filter.amxx -censor swear words


• Lag down


unlag_connect.amxx -Reduces lag since the server connection



• Added

ghostchat.amxx - Death players can speak to the living and vice versa.

admin_who.amxx - Typing / admins in chat you will see who is online on a server admins

auto_restart.amxx - automatically restart after changing maps

private_chat.amxx - Talk in private with the players on the server by typing in chat / private and numele.De example: / private Mr.Bobby

stuck.amxx - You automatically unlocks when you are stuck in lasers

frostnades.amxx - Smoke freeze zombies

reset_score.amxx - Reset your score

BioLaser.amxx - lasers (the most stable and best plugin for this plugin CFG lasere.Cu MultiLaser sites do not work)

Countdown_Fix.amxx - Countdown infection

amx_parachute.amxx - Parachute on the server. (Parachute is free for all)

multijump.amxx - You jump as hard as you want! (Bhopal does not work)


No Have Bugs

Addon has been tested on 3 different servers.

Testers were Fllyyper, Mishu, GyKs.



A lilte Photo:


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