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[Trick]Easy Weapon Skill 68-70


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I found this on g-hacks so im sharing it here with you.

I'm 100% if the following exploit is . . . "exploit" or just a very easy way


So let's Start


In Shadowmoon Valley You Can Find A NPC, Called: Oronok Torn-heart


If you can't find it there is not a problem. Here is a pic with a map




This NPC Is For Quests but can also be very handy while leveling a weapon skill and you can even go AFK whild doing it (you will not have any problem)


1st - Pull a Boar around were he stands and start hitting it with the weapon you want the skill to go up for.


2nd - Pull the boar back to were the NPC stands.


3rd - You will see that the boar is hitting you. BUT Oronok Torn-heart Heals ANYONE in range of him, Soo you will NEVER die.


I have leveled my crossbow skill from 1-350 there withouth ever dieing.




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