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[Exploit]Remove Honor Cap


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Hello there.

This exploit work on retail, and it's good because if u have over 75k honor you can make honor this season and consume it next season.

Today in Wintergrasp I found this great exploit. It manages you to get over the 75.000honor cap!

Picture ; 2qji177.jpg

How to remove the cap:.

Get capped first (75.000).

-Go to Wintergrasp and complete any of the weekly quests there.

-Go to the NPC to complete quest, but do not complete the quest yet.

-Create tons of lag (open internet a zillion times, open wow 20times or whatever you like).

-Click on Complete Quest (I did it 3times fast in a row, but not sure if that matters..), if you got enough lag it won't get completed yet.

-Press ALT-F4 fast.

-Login back again and you should have 75.000honor + the amount you wouldve gotten from the weekly quest.


As long as you stay at 75.001 honor or higher, you can get infinite honor! Just go bot in BG's, or save up honor for the next season ^^.


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