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Hello fellas.As I wanted to enter a sharing spree I decided to share in this section too.As it is my first share here do not expect to see something really special.I decided to share some mod packs.I will update this pack every time I will discover new ones.

The mods will have a very detailed explanation which will solve all your problems and will answer your questions.Anyway let's start!


-=GUNGAME Mod(A.K.A. GG)=-

Mod Name:GunGame


Download File:gungame4_rc1.rar

Spawn Points:N/A




What is it?


You can join the official Gun Game server at the following ip address that Counter-Strike.com officially sponsors for Gun Game.


Gungame is a leveling mod for Counter Strike:Source(can be found for CS:1.6 too).Everyone starts with a glock. ou must get a kill with it to level up to level 2. You get better weapons the higher level you are, until the end. The last two levels are the hardest: hegrenade, then knife. It adds a new twist to how you play CS, and also helps clans to train with weapons they don't normally use.



Mod Name:AMXModX

Game: Counter-Strike:Condition Zero

Download File:amxmodx1.8.1-cz.rar

Spawn Points:N/A




This installation includes all of the needed files for you to get AMX Mod X fully functional on a Counter-Strike 1.6 server.


For a list of all AMX Mod X commands, visit the link below.


AMX Mod X Commands




Before you will have access to admin commands, you must add your Steam ID to the following file once it's on your server.




For easy input of your Steam ID correctly, simply put the following code at the bottom of this file and replace the Steam ID listed there with your own.




Mod Name:WCSMod


Download File:wcsource.rar

Spawn Points:N/A




This installs Eventscripts 2.0, warcraft, and ES Tools



Windows Game Server



Upload the files to your "cstrike" folder on your game server.


Recommended Server Settings:

Q:How Do i Add Races to my Server?


1. Copy the code of the race that you want to add

2. Open your es_WCSraces_db.txt and paste your code to The bottom of the file

3. Put the Number of the race at the top of the race code if you have 10 races and your adding a new one, number it "11"

4. Save the changes on the file and restart your server


Q:How do i make a race private?

A:Put the steam id of the player that will use the race in the allow only field

make sure you include < these marks >

"allowonly" "<STEAM_X:XXXXXXX>"

mor than one steam_id will look like this

"allowonly" ""


It has 37 Races but only 25 are showing

1. Check that the race numbers are ordered correctly

2. Make sure your not missing any {Brakets} if you still have this problem use the racefile checker



-=CSSRPG Mod=-

Mod Name:CSSRPGMod


Download File:cssrpg.zip

Spawn Points:N/A




CSS:RPG v1.0.5


This installation includes all necessary files for the mod to function properly.


Q:What is it?

A:"CSS:RPG Mod is a role playing (level-based) server-side plugin for Counter-Strike: Source. It is not just another WC3/Superhero mod. It's based off the UT2K4RPG Mod for Unreal Tournament 2004.


As you kill your opponents, you gain Experience. Eventually when you have reached your experience quota, you gain a new Level. This means you can buy Upgrades which give you an advantage over your opponent.


CSS:RPG Mod allows you to buy the Upgrades you want or Sell them for different Upgrades. Each Upgrade has a higher Level. So for example, Regeneration Level 2 will give you two health points every second as opposed to one health point every second for Regeneration Level 1. All player data is saved into a SQLite Database so there is no need to setup any type of Remote Database. CSS:RPG is also highly customizable with variables that change the plugin effectively immediately after it has been set. The source code for CSS:RPG is made publicly available under the zlib/libpng open source license for people who want to port the plugin to their own Half-Life 2 mod or just want to learn how to create a plugin."


*From http://cssrpg.sourceforge.net/


Q:How can I turn on/off this mod?

A:Put these following variables in your server.cfg file and restart your server.


//The below command turns the mod on.

cssrpg_enable 1


//The below command turns the mod off.

cssrpg_enable 0


To make any changes in-game with rcon commands, you'd need to use the following format.


rcon_password "1234567"

rcon "cssrpg_enable 1"



This mod runs off of Metamod, which is included in this download for easy installation.


This download works for both Linux and Windows game servers.



Add "exec cssrpg105.cfg" to your server.cfg file.


.:Recommended Server Settings:.

Below are all of the commands you will have available with this mod.


Editing the DB ingame

Changing configuration-values ingame (for the map)





  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • My Computer
  • CS Mods website

That's all for now.It's night and I have to sleep.Sorry!

*29/12/09:Made the topic

*30/12/09:Added WCSMod,CSSRPGMod

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