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[Hack-Script]No Recoil C.SS


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Oh well first Ill teach you how to install a cfg script first. Get out a notepad and copy paste the thing I'm gonna give you and save as it as ALL FILES with .cfg on the and of the scripts name wat eva you are gonna call it. Save it some where you are gonna find it. Then go to your cstrike/cfg/ and drop in there. In css in console just type in: exec "the name of the script"


P.S. Don't type those "" just type exec and then the name


alias +r "+lookdown; +attack"
alias -r "-lookdown; -attack"
alias r12 "cl_pitchspeed 1.2"
alias r35 "cl_pitchspeed 3.5"
alias r09 "cl_pitchspeed 0.09"
alias r2 "cl_pitchspeed 2"
alias r22 "cl_pitchspeed 2.2"
alias pisr "cl_pitchspeed 1"
alias ak "alias rifr r35"
alias ps2 "alias rifr r2"
alias mp5r "alias rifr r12"
alias asnip "alias rifr r009"
alias para "alias rifr r22"
bind f1 "cl_pitchspeed 3.5; ak"
bind f2 "cl_pitchspeed 2; ps2"
bind f3 "cl_pitchspeed 1.2; mp5r"
bind f4 "cl_pitchspeed 1; pisr"
bind f5 "cl_pitchspeed 0.09; asnip"
bind f6 "cl_pitchspeed 2.2; para"
bind 1 "slot1; rifr"
bind 2 "slot2; pisr"
bind mouse1 +r
echo "F1=AK F2=OtherGuns F3=SMG F4=Pistol F5=AutoSniper F6=Para"



CREDITS : ww.d3scene.com/forum/

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