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[Help] DvD Reader got screwed


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Something weird happened today so i'm here to ask for your support :-X


Everything was normal, the pc was running fine. I downloaded a game and i wanted to burn it in order to play in on PS2. When i inserted the dvd it opened fine but it was saying Space: 0 bytes. Which is odd because the dvd is more than 4 GB. I first thought that it was a problem of the dvd, so i tried about 5 more and still 0 bytes. The dvds i tried were + so i tried - and again 0 bytes.


The strangest part of all this is that it can read CD's FINE! I also tried 2 different dvds TDK and one more (i can't remember now). So the problem is not at the DvDs.


So guys! I need your help.. If something similar happened to you or you know how to solve this let me know! Thanks ~

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