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The best way to go for L2Private servers?



Hey I'm new to the L2Off scene sort of. Last time I played with it was back when C1 was extended to C4 with working dye slots. In your opinion whats the best way to go as far as starting a private server?


Full L2Off C4 ?

Extended dvamp interlude/hellbound ? - costs $$ + requires a lot of work?

32bit Gracia extender smeli server - Looks like a poor way to go.. unless you have a lot of free time and want a 32bit server.

There is also L2J... but L2j doesn't have the right game mechanic feel to L2.


I've searched and only able to find so many packs... All feature information isn't really available also... there is the interlude pack here, labeled "best free" but what does that really have to offer ><. L2Storm seems to be the best Off C4 pack too also?


Anyways, if anyone has any feedback towards whats the better idea to start with from whats available free... or if you would probably want to spend money on something. Starting out though, I dislike the idea of jumping in to spend money.


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i'm allso thinking about starting a server....


my idea is this: rent the server, get free Int off pack... that's basicly all =P

it doesnt matter what feats free int pack has if you intend to mod it (change stats, custom npcs etc...)

whats important is: the pack has to run pretty good the way it is =P


my thought =)

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If you want to do a test server then you can use the free packs, if you want to make a proper server with good amount of players and not have much knowledge then I would suggest to put some money in a good and stable pack. ( it will give better chance for success  ) But before you start a server in l2off so I think you should use a free pack to practice on.


Anyway good luck!

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