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[share] Disable GameGuard for IL/CT2.3 and Epiloge


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Ok here is a file that Disable's GameGaurd i dont know if im at right section :s if im not move the topic plz.


Here is the file for IL and Gracia Final: |DownLoad From RapidShare |Download From 4Shared | 5kb


And here is for Gracia Epiloge : |DownLoad From RapidShare | Download From 4Shared |  4kb


How To setup:


Copy dsetup.dll to system - replace the existing dsetup.dll


I dont know if it helps you but i found it somehow and i want it to share it with ya :P


Credits: fyyre.ivory-tower.de


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Credits: unknown (the unknown isnt username i just dont remeber were i find it :S )


credits to fyyre.ivory-tower.de

added.. i have a freaking overload of files at my pc and i can't remember from where i download it all!!

ty for the info :)

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exactly , this is not conartist's work at all ... most new server use wildcard to bypass gg.

who said is my work? rofl i had it on my computer for a while and i didn't remember from where i download it...
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