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[Gracia Final L2j] L2 BloodyWorld


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I would like to advertise new l2 server, it will be opened on 25.12.2009!! You cannot miss it.




Xp x10

Sp x10

PartyXp x1.5

PartySp x1.5

DropAdena x7

DropItems x8

RaidDropItems x4

DropSpoil x8

DropManor x2

ExtractFish x5

QuestsReward x3

RateDropQuest x5

DropBossJewel x2

PetXpRate x7




Songs & Dances - 6 mins


Buffs - 19 minut


Subclass without quest


Noblesse quest needed


Class changer cat


Item Broker (you can add your items for auction there)


Working Pailaka: Song of Ice and Fire (lvl36-42), Devils Legacy (lvl's 61-67), Injured Dragon (lvl's 73-77)


Working Fortress Battles and Sieges


More info on http://bloody-world.eu/forum/

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