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[SHARE]New heroe comes with nightcralwer in new map

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ok here is the second hero come with nightcrawler and his name..





                                    Frost Lord, Cryon










The night elves in their foolish attempts to regain immortality, have disturbed the Frost Lord Cryon. Legend has it that Cryons amulet has properties of greatly expanding life cycles. The night elves took the amulet and have unleashed on this world the wrath of Cryon. He serves no master, no god. He is angered and will do anything to recover what is his.




                        Remember numbers can be tweaked. Think about the concept.

                        How to approach this hero idea


Skills have been set up in a [200/350/500/650] fashion. This would mean that a non ultimate skill would at level 1 do 200 damage, at level 2 do 350 damage, at level 3 500 damage and at level 4 650 damage. The smaller size signifies a lower level, whereas the larger number a higher level.




                                                          Cryons Pact

                                                          Cryons Pac[T]






Those whom are spared Cryons cold fury can create a twisted pact with him.


Casts a buff on ANY target that will cause it to receive 100% amplified damage. Buff holders will reflect extra damage taken onto attackers.


Damage:  1oo%/100%/100%/100% (armor/spell reductions will be factored)

Mana: 160/180/200/220

Casting Range: 600/640/680/720

Cooldown: 24/18/12/6

Duration of buff: 2/3/4/5 (seconds)

Duration of buff:1/2/3/4 (physical attacks)

Duration of buff:1/1/1/2 (spells)


For example if I cast this on a 400 hp venge who is about to eat a 250 damage nuke (after reductions), that venge would take 500 damage, killing her. The person who cast the nuke would take 250 damage as well.


Another use could be a 250 hp hero is about to get ulted by enemy Lion with 300hp. Cast the buff on the allied hero and get and watch as Lion kills himself. While the allied hero may have taken increased damage, he was going to die anyways. Might as well have Lions finger get reflected on him and net Cryon a kill.


Basically the buff lasts at least its duration in time. If at least 1/2/3/4 physical attacks and 1/1/1/2 magical attacks have struck the enemy before the buff is supposed to end, it will end prematurely. At level 4, if in 2 seconds the target of the buff receives 4 physical hits and 2 spells, the buff will end prematurely as its maximum capacity has been met.



                                                            Numb [Passive]






The frost lords mastery of the elements allow him to diminish enemy casting and slow their movement.


Will leach mana from enemy heroes. If no is avaliable to to leech or Cryon is full on mana, will start slowing enemies passively.


Mana Leech: .8%/1.6%/2.4%/3.2%

Slow: 5%/10%/15%/20%

Area of Effect: 300/400/500/600


Skill details:

Will passively steal from enemies/neutral units within certain aoe. Can steal mana from infinite amount of heroes. Each hero has mana leeched individually.


Lets take look at the following example: 4 levels of Numb, an enemy venge with 400 mana and a lina with 500 mana are within the aoe for 5 seconds. The venge will lose 64 mana and the Lina will lose 87.5 mana. Collectively Cryon will leech 151.5 mana (rounded down) to 151. If say the 64 mana drained emptied venges mana pool, but not Lina's, venge would receive a passive 20% slow with a skadi type buff denoting her status. Nothing would happen to Lina as she still has mana that can be leeched. In case Cryon is full on mana, none will be leeched.










None can handle the frost of Cryon. He shatters all that are foolish enough to come near him.


Cryon deals massive damage to enemies in close proximity.

Damage:  200/350/500/650

Mana: 100/175/250/325

Casting Range: 150/150/150/150

Cooldown: 10/10/10/10


Details: Magical Damage

Regular nuke. Must click target.


                                                Glacial Wrath

                                                                Global W[R]ath





Cryons rage knows no bounds. Nothing shall escape his wrath.


Deals damage, slows the enemy down for 5 seconds and procs a 0.01 second minstun in a radius.



Damage: 300/400/500

Mana: 200/250/300

Area of Effect: 400/450/500

Cooldown: 140/120/100/


Slow: Skill Detail


Second 1: 40/50/60.

Second 2: 30/40/50

Second 3: 20/30/40

Second 4: 10/20/30

Second 5: 5/10/15


For example at level 1 a 400 move speed hero will go through the following movespeeds: 240/280/320/360 each number representing a second of the slow.




-credits AduhAwas_EvilG

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