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[Guide]Synchronize you I-Pod music with every PC


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Hello folks!! Lets start :

Before you do anything, make sure automatic updating of the iTunes library is disabled. This is very important to ensure that you do not update your iPod automatically and lose the songs that are on there.


You are now ready To Begin ~



-Free software


Here's how you get started.


Firstly, Download sharepod here ~ [Click Me] ~




a) Hook Up your iPod to your pc via usb/firewire


b) The iPod drive appears in My Computer when you have the iPod plugged in to your PC.


c) Once you see the iPod's drive, copy the SharePod.exe onto it. Open the SharePod.exe and after a few seconds the main window will appear. If a window appears saying you need to download a file for SharePod to run, simply follow the instructions.


d) When the main window opens, it displays a list of playlists on your iPods. Double-click on a playlist to view its songs. You can either select songs or playlists to copy to your PC.


e) If you want to copy all songs on the iPod to your PC, select the playlist and hit the 'Copy to PC' button at the top of the screen. It will ask you where you want the music to go (eg. c:/music) and how you want the music to be formatted (eg Artist/Album/Song.mp3). Once you have set both of these hit the Transfer button and sharepod transfer your desired music to the location which you have selected.


f) From there, simply import your songs into iTunes in the usual manner of File -> Import.



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It is a freeware and it has it's own site ,but I haven't searched it for pay versions or something so I don't want to advertise ;)

It is really stable and it works with the most Ipods!


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