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[CT2.2 L2J] L2Laif


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WebSite: www.l2laif.lx.ro





NPC polymoprhed to PC !

You get 1 Coin of Luck by PvP !

A,S grade are free on SHOP - Weapons,Jeweleries,Armors

Potions/Misc Items/Clan Items/Etc... are free on Shop

Dynasty Armor - 25 Coin of Luck/Each

Dynasty Weapons - 50 Coin of Luck/Each

Raid Boss Jeweleries - 30 Coin of Luck/Each

Apella Armor[PvP] - 50 Coin of Luck/Each

Epic Weapons[PvP] - 100 Coin of Luck/Each

Normal Enchant Scroll's are free in SHOP

Blessed Enchant Scroll's - 10 Coin of Luck in SHOP

Accesory - 10 Coin of Luck in SHOP

Nightmarish Tattoo is free on SHOP





Christmas Event : ON

CE : With 2 Coin of Luck you buy 1 Pollen,pres on Pollen and 1 Christmas Tree will spawn near you.Kill the tree and you can get 1,2 or 3 Coin of Luck.





Private Gracia 2 L2J Server

Special Koofs vs Noobs System !

Anti-hack system

Kamael Skills

Kamael Clan lvl/Clan skills/Academy

Kamael Castles and Clan halls


Olympiad Manager special edited


Augmentation working


Maxim buffs amount 100


Teleportation is free

Book needed to enchant skills

Auto learn skills

Grade penalty disable

Auto pick up items from Raid/GrandBosses

Weight Limit disable

Community board is on

Spawn protection 25 sec






Gm Shop






Apella Armor

Dynasty Armor

Epic Weapons

Dynasty Weapons

Nightmarish Tattoo





.fbuff - You get all FIGHTER buffs

.mbuff - You get all MAGE buffs

.bank - Transform 10 Festival Adena's in 1 Gold Coin.

.pm - Enter/Exit in/from Refusal mode.

.tradeoff & .tradeon - Nobody can trade you.





Safe: 6

Max weapon: 30

Max armor: 30

Max jewelry: 30

Normal scroll: 80%

Blessed scroll: 100%





Do not have to wait before:

Joining another clan

Create a new clan

Joining another alliance

Create a new alliance

Maximum clans in ally is 3

You need 15 members to request a clan war





Olympiad start time at 18:00 (6 pm)

Olympiad compeition period is 6 hours

Hero is chosen every week


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