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[L2J Gracia Final] Pheonix Rebirth!


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Pheonix Rebirth

Server Opened 9 December 2009!

Hello! We are here to present you with our new Project called Pheonix Revenge! Its a mid rate server retail like with great stuff and community! Feel free to join us and you will be able to find this server as the server you are going to stay for a long time! This can be your chance to enjoy full, real gameplay with no corruptions! We are currently running on Gracia Final but after Christmas we promise you to move on Gracia Epilogue! Don't miss the chance and be the best of the best! Join us now!


Pheonix Rebirth Website  http://phoenix.game-ls.com/

Pheonix Rebirth Forum:   http://www.forum-ls.com/index.php?/forum/53-phoenix-revenge-mid-rate/

L2 Game LS Website:       http://game-ls.com/


General Rates:

All other rates: x1

xp/sp: 15x with Vitality System

party xp/sp: 1.2x

adena: 9x

drop: 12x

spoil: 7x


Enchant Rates:

Safe Enchant: +3

Max Enchant: +25

Enchant Rate: 66%




Max Dualbox Allowed.

Nobless/3rd class quests retail like

Raids and Epic Raids retail like

No GM Corruption System

All Dungeons fully working

Shout and Trade Global for 1st week

NPC for top B Weap/Armor (like Luxury)

Mark Trader for 1st and 2nd class

Server Multi language (Main: EN)

Dependable Anti-bot/cheat system

Anti-BOT system that announce banned player

Lottery with A grade prize

Private Shop/Craft/Buy offline

All Fortress working

Dark Cloud Mansion

Crystal Cavern


Auto pick up item

All herbs working

Auto-Learn new skills

Champion Mobs

Private Shop/Craft/Buy offline

TvT Event

TvT Custom prize and

NPC to exchange the prize

Medal Event

Server Reboot everyday morning

Delevel NPC

Wedding Manager

Daily Events with GMs

and much, MUCH more!!



JOIN US NOW![/glow]

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I would like to join the server..Only problem with me; the fucking quest for class change...If i wanted to waits time on class quest i go back to retail...Also the no buffer suck for me....But is just me...GOOD LUCK

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2nd and 1st class change you can buy, our stuff have decided to make 3rd class quest only so people can remember how FUN it was to do it with your friends ;) a little sense of achievement I suppose. 

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I was looking for months for a good server, and here is is!!!The server ITS JUST P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!!!balance classes, active gms everyday, daily events , balance rates , no bored to exp!AWFUL commnunity!i hope to that server to grow up!!

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