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[New]Inactive Singature.


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That's a nice one :P

First of all the text is really nice...

The pentooling is too even you've missed some points...

Render is a bit LQ but ok..

The only disadvantage that I noticed is that there is no depth and blending.Your sig seems really flat :S

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I like it! I like the text, that kind of smudge at the guitar and the pen tooling. But I don't like the background. It seems like a simple stock image. I don't know if you have add something, except the lighting. But now that I am seeing it again I see you add some Photo Filters.

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sX maybe can you make a guide for Pen Tool? I have read Blane's but is to simple. I don't know how can you cut with pen tool. For cutting I use polygonal tool.


Go to your brush panel in your right hand, play with the settings of the brush, then make a path with the pen tool, right click on it and then "Stroke Path.." and choose brush and you are done.


That's how I do it at least..

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Your idea is good, you typesetting is good i think too, i dont like just the part "INACTIVE" much big imo, work more in your foreground, tri to blurry the borders to get one best result in that, or will looks like copy/paste, and hear what have tell you master, the pen tool lines in white dont fill really good in this tag. keep working mate.

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