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[Help]Plz Help Some1 I Got Error With Scripts



Hi Guys as i refered on my subject i have an error with my scripts :( on game server console it says that :Failed Executing Script: C:\L][(my Server's Name)\gameserver\data\scripts\handlers\Master Handler.java

in game i cant use any of gm commands :/

Same For Sagas Scripts..

i tryied many packs l2j and l2off but nothing same problem for all packs help plz :(

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[gr]sry file alla eisai se lathos section kapios mod na to kanei move

dokimase omws na pareis apo allo pack...kai na to baleis sto diko s..


argh why talk gr in english section jeeez idiots...


c/p to here your masterhandler.java file and the error if you have a more detailed one ohh and dont use ][ in any folder as name where you have the server use only letters []/* these things can make problems in initialization

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oh thnx guys ill try both solutions sorry for my bad english and if i am on wrong section :/



Damn Interpid You Had Right I Just Renamed My Folder From L][(server's Name) To L2 <<, And IT Works Normaly 10000000000000000000000000 x10000000000000000 thnx man  i was to do format on my pc im newbie one :$ glad to be mxc member ^^..


oh and smth else can i ask help for other problem here or i should post a new one?

Is posting help spaming? plz answer some1 and lock it problem resolved :D

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