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L2extreme gracia final http://www.l2ex.pl/ BOTS

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i need any working bot programs such as l2walker, l2net,... for http://www.l2ex.pl/


if things turn out to work fine i'm also willing to pay you some money.


thanks for all help i can get, greetz.

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Protocol: 87

L2net version: v376


That's what i use, and works wonders.

Also, try not to get caught, you can be even banned for multi boxing, so if you bot, DONT use catas/fog/it/Stakato nest. Well, there's like 3k guys online all the time, so you WILL get caught in high lvl areas, i got banned recently for 7 boxing + bot. And i was on hum disciples.

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got another problem, So I would like that my char would attack mob with Storm Assault and than he would hit him with Dark Slash and finish him off with normal hits.


I can't get this to work with only Bot options.


Do i need a script or something? Help me please


If this doesn't work on L2NET, i would like to use L2WALKER(i know there is possible to set, attack1, attack2, attack3,...for each monster) 



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It works. Anyways, for some reason you have your network broadcast IP blocked in your router or by another program such as peerblock or something.

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