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L2extreme gracia final http://www.l2ex.pl/ BOTS

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Hi I try to use L2net378 on L2ex.pl, but it doesn't work. OOG

protocol: 87



I saw server name, but after I didnt see our character.


Server use G+ client, but if I choose that option didnt work.


What is this server token for IG.


Last message with ct2.3

14:01:28 :[gameserver - got client ID encryption key

14:01:28 :[gameserver - got packet encryption key

14:01:27 :[Welcome to the game loop

14:01:27 :[bot -> gameserver : connected

14:01:27 :[bot -> gameserver : opening

14:01:27 :[Encoding and sending server select

14:01:24 :[login ok

14:01:24 :[login info - login info sent


Please help me.



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Did they add a new protection on last update of 31 march? because before that day i was able to bot perfectly with v383 and now after server selection it stucks


some guy wrote that they have new protocol 152

maybe that helps?

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