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interlude [Interlude L2J]L2 Alagaisia


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I am making this post to inform you about the creation of a new interlude pvp server which is here to stay.

Have a Nice Month Btw.


L2Alagaisia Armors

Gm Shop


Scheme Buffer

Cheap buffer

Class Manager

Remote Class Manager

Kiki with everything you need from consumables to Quest Items.

Skill Enchanter Npc

Custom GateKeeper with All Zones.

-Custom Zones-

Farm Area

Farm PvP Area

Raid Boss Area(Still Working on it)

Blessed Scrolls Area

Adena Zone


Balanced Classes

Medium Difficulty Farming,not high stats in armors

Pvp+Duel System ; CP,Mp and Hp Pots allowed in pvps and duels.All skills allowed.

Augement System 28% rate in skills 32% in base stat.

Fast Olympiad Matches.

Olympiad System Working 100%

Heroes are announced on the 1st of Every Month

Experienced Gm Staff And Advanced Developing

Walker Protection



Safe +7

Max Armor/Jewel/Tatoo +25

Max Weapon +30

Rate With Normal 78%

Rate With Blessed 82%



Experience x500

Sp x500

Adena x500

Drop x10


Gms are able to help you when they are in /gmlist

L2j Dot Latest Revision with updated jar files we updated by ourselves.


Website :


(We will change domain soon...)


Don't forget to vote for us!!!





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