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BD/SVS офф пати


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    • Zoom in and zoom out on any device to be able to see this topic/thread, it's desinged to work on any device. Exact instructions : Mouse wheel for PC + HOLD LEFT CTRL BUTTON (it's located in the left corner last button position left-down corner "CTRL"). Exact instructions : Smartphone drag with both fingers of your hand zoom in and out.   I am selling access to private torrent trackers, I have invites, accounts, and buffered acccounts. -They are perfect to download PC Games, Movies, HD Content, Music Videos, TV Shows, E-books, Cartoons, Music, Porn, Sports, 3D Printing Files, everything else that is downloadable via the BitTorrent Technology - It is a technology to transfer data. I have a lot of them. 180+ of them and the number is increasing all the time.   I am also selling access to NZB Indexers, I have accounts, invites, and buffered accounts. -They are perfect to download PC Games, Movies, HD Content, Music Videos, TV Shows, E-books, Cartoons, Music, Porn, Sports, 3D Printing Files, everything else that is downloadable via the NZB Technology - It is a technology to transfer data. I have some of these aswell. 20+ of them and the number is increasing all the time.   *Most preferred payment methods: BTC(GOOD) or ETH or LTC or XMR(Highly preferred) or any type of cryptocurrency which has value. For BTC price calculation use preev.com, for the rest use whatever you prefer. All are good and accepted at a margin of error of 10% so regardless it will be good. Most preferred other cryptocurrencies which are accepted as of 1.5.2023.   Coins accepted as of 1/5/2023 - I accept these cryptocurrency as means of payment, but I accept any other cryptocurrency which has value, not just these, but these are highly preferred because of my wallet software. 1 Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin BTC 2 Ethereum (ETH)Ethereum ETH on ETH Network 3 Tether USD (USDT)Tether USD USDT on ETH Network 4 Tether USD (USDT)Tether USD USDT on ALGO Network 5 Tether USD (USDT)Tether USD USDT on SOL Network 6 Tether USD (USDT)Tether USD USD on TTRX Network 7 Tether USD (USDT)Tether USD USDT on BSC Network 8 Tether USD (USDT)Tether USD USDT on MATIC Network 9 USD Coin (USDC)USD Coin USDC on ETH Network 10 USD Coin (USDC)USD Coin USDC on ALGO Network 11 USD Coin (USDC)USD Coin USDC on SOL Network 12 USD Coin (USDC)USD Coin USDC on MATIC Network 13 USD Coin (USDC)USD Coin USDC on BSC Network 14 USD Coin (USDC)USD Coin USDCAVAX C-Chain Network 15 USD Coin (USDC)USD Coin USDCFTM Network 16 BNB (BNB)BNB BNB on BNB Network 17 BNB (BNB)BNB BNB on BSC Network 18 XRP (XRP)XRP XRP 19 Binance USD (BUSD)Binance USD BUSD on ETH Network 20 Binance USD (BUSD)Binance USD BUSD on BNB Network 21 Binance USD (BUSD)Binance USD BUSD on BSC Network 22 Dogecoin (DOGE)Dogecoin DOGE 23 Cardano (ADA)Cardano ADA 4.91% 24 Polygon (MATIC)Polygon MATIC on MATIC Network 25 Polygon (MATIC)Polygon MATIC on ETH Network 26 Litecoin (LTC)Litecoin LTC 27 Polkadot (DOT)Polkadot DOT 28 Sai (old Dai) (SAI)Sai (old Dai) SAI on ETH Network 29 Dai (DAI)Dai DAI on ETH Network 3.26% 30 Dai (DAI)Dai DAI on MATIC Network 31 Tron (TRX)Tron TRXTRX Network 32 Solana (SOL)Solana SOL on SOL Network 5.20% 33 Shiba Inu (SHIB)Shiba Inu SHIB on ETH Network 34 Shiba Inu (SHIB)Shiba Inu SHIB on BSC Network 35 Uniswap (UNI)Uniswap UNI on ETH Network 36 Unus Sed Leo (LEO)Unus Sed Leo LEO on ETH Network 37 Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC on ETH Network 38 Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC on MATIC Network 39 Cosmos (ATOM)Cosmos ATOM 21.56% 40 Chainlink (LINK)Chainlink LINK on ETH Network 41 Chainlink (LINK)Chainlink LINK on SOL Network 42 Chainlink (LINK)Chainlink LINK on MATIC Network 43 Monero (XMR)Monero XMR 44 Ethereum Classic (ETC)Ethereum Classic ETC 45 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)Bitcoin Cash BCH 46 Stellar (XLM)Stellar XLM 47 Cronos (CRO)Cronos CRO on ETH Network 48 ApeCoin (APE)ApeCoin APE on ETH Network 49 Quant (QNT)Quant QNT on ETH Network 50 Algorand (ALGO)Algorand ALGO on ALGO Network 7.96% 51 Filecoin (FIL)Filecoin FIL 52 VeChain (VET)VeChain VET 0.90% 53 Lido DAO token (LDO)Lido DAO token LDO on ETH Network 54 Frax (FRAX)Frax FRAX on ETH Network 55 EOS (EOS)EOS EOS 56 Hedera (HBAR)Hedera HBAR 57 Paxos (USDP)Paxos USDP on ETH Network 58 Huobi Token (HT)Huobi Token HT on ETH Network 59 TrueUSD (TUSD)TrueUSD TUSD on ETH Network 60 Bitcoin SV (BSV)Bitcoin SV BSV 61 Elrond (EGLD)Elrond EGLD 62 Aave (AAVE)Aave AAVE on ETH Network 63 Theta (THETA)Theta THETA 64 Tezos (XTZ)Tezos XTZ 5.66% 65 Chiliz (CHZ)Chiliz CHZ on ETH Network 66 BitTorrent (BTT)BitTorrent BT on TTRX Network 67 BitTorrent (old) (BTTOLD)BitTorrent (old) BTTOLDTRX Network Exchange unavailable. 68 Axie Infinity (AXS)Axie Infinity AXS on ETH Network 69 Axie Infinity (AXS)Axie Infinity AXS on SOL Network 70 Zcash (ZEC)Zcash ZEC 71 The Sandbox (SAND)The Sandbox SAND on ETH Network 72 The Sandbox (SAND)The Sandbox SAND on MATIC Network 73 Gemini Dollar (GUSD)Gemini Dollar GUSD on ETH Network 74 Fantom (FTM)Fantom FTMFTM Network 75 Fantom (FTM)Fantom FTM on ETH Network 76 Decentraland (MANA)Decentraland MANA on ETH Network 77 PancakeSwap (CAKE)PancakeSwap CAKE on BSC Network 78 The Graph (GRT)The Graph GRT on ETH Network 79 The Graph (GRT)The Graph GRT on SOL Network 80 Dash (DASH)Dash DASH 81 PAX Gold (PAXG)PAX Gold PAXG on ETH Network 82 Maker (MKR)Maker MKR on ETH Network 83 NEO (NEO)NEO NEO 0.00% 84 Synthetix (SNX)Synthetix SNX on ETH Network 85 Frax Share (FXS)Frax Share FXS on ETH Network 86 Curve DAO (CRV)Curve DAO CRV on ETH Network 87 FTX Token (FTT)FTX Token FTT on ETH Network 88 FTX Token (FTT)FTX Token FTT on SOL Network 89 Immutable X (IMX)Immutable X IMX on ETH Network 90 1inch (1INCH)1inch 1INCH on ETH Network 91 1inch (1INCH)1inch 1INCH on BSC Network 92 Decred (DCR)Decred DCR 93 Basic Attention Token (BAT)Basic Attention Token BAT on ETH Network 94 Zilliqa (ZIL)Zilliqa ZIL 95 Loopring (LRC)Loopring LRC on ETH Network 96 NEM (XEM)NEM XEM 97 Holo (HOT)Holo HOT on ETH Network 98 Balancer (BAL)Balancer BAL on ETH Network 99 Enjin Coin (ENJ)Enjin Coin ENJ on ETH Network 100 Compound (COMP)Compound COMP on ETH Network 101 Ravencoin (RVN)Ravencoin RVN 102 Ethereum Name Service (ENS)Ethereum Name Service ENS on ETH Network 103 Convex Finance (CVX)Convex Finance CVX on ETH Network 104 Bitcoin Gold (BTG)Bitcoin Gold BTG 105 Gnosis (GNO)Gnosis GNO on ETH Network 106 Qtum (QTUM)Qtum QTUM 107 Theta Fuel (TFUEL)Theta Fuel TFUEL 108 SushiSwap (SUSHI)SushiSwap SUSHI on ETH Network 109 Golem (old) (GNT)Golem (old) GNT on ETH Network 110 Golem (GLM)Golem GLM on ETH Network 111 Yearn Finance (YFI)Yearn Finance YFI on ETH Network 112 Ankr Network (ANKR)Ankr Network ANKR on ETH Network 113 OMG (OMG)OMG OMG on ETH Network 114 ICON (ICX)ICON ICX 115 Waves (WAVES)Waves WAVES 116 Ontology (ONT)Ontology ONT 18.84% 117 Polymath (POLY)Polymath POLY on ETH Network 118 0x (ZRX)0x ZRX on ETH Network 119 Amp (AMP)Amp AMP on ETH Network 120 Audius (AUDIO)Audius AUDIO on ETH Network 121 Audius (AUDIO)Audius AUDIO on SOL Network 122 DigiByte (DGB)DigiByte DGB 123 Livepeer (LPT)Livepeer LPT on ETH Network 124 GALA (GALA)GALA GALA on ETH Network 125 GALA (GALA)GALA GALA on BSC Network 126 Render (RNDR)Render RNDR on ETH Network 127 Storj (STORJ)Storj STORJ on ETH Network 128 UMA (UMA)UMA UMA on ETH Network 129 Wax (old) (WAX)Wax (old) WAX on ETH Network 130 iExec (RLC)iExec RLC on ETH Network 131 Lisk (LSK)Lisk LSK 132 Aragon (ANT)Aragon ANT on ETH Network 133 Aragon (old) (ANTv1)Aragon (old) ANTv1 on ETH Network 134 Smooth Love Potion (SLP)Smooth Love Potion SLP on ETH Network 135 Request (REQ)Request REQ on ETH Network 136 Voyager (VGX)Voyager VGX on ETH Network 137 Kyber (KNC)Kyber KNC on ETH Network 138 Veritaseum (VERI)Veritaseum VERI on ETH Network 139 Civic (CVC)Civic CVC on ETH Network 140 Illuvium (ILV)Illuvium ILV on ETH Network 141 API3 (API3)API3 API3 on ETH Network 142 dYdX (DYDX)dYdX DYDX on ETH Network 143 Status (SNT)Status SNT on ETH Network 144 Numeraire (NMR)Numeraire NMR on ETH Network 145 Dent (DENT)Dent DENT on ETH Network 146 FUNToken (FUN)FUNToken FUN on ETH Network 147 Ren (REN)Ren REN on ETH Network 148 Power Ledger (POWR)Power Ledger POWR on ETH Network 149 COTI (COTI)COTI COTI on ETH Network 150 Bancor (BNT)Bancor BNT on ETH Network 151 VeThor (VTHO)VeThor VTHO 152 Loom (LOOM)Loom LOOM on ETH Network 153 Loom (old) (LOOMv1)Loom (old) LOOMv1 on ETH Network 154 SportX (SX)SportX SX on ETH Network 155 Revain (REV)Revain REV on ETH Network 156 Metal (MTL)Metal MTL on ETH Network 157 Serum (SRM)Serum SRM on SOL Network 158 ARK (ARK)ARK ARK 159 Melonport (MLN)Melonport MLN on ETH Network 160 StormX (STMX)StormX STMX on ETH Network 161 Storm (STORM)Storm STORM on ETH Network Exchange temporarily unavailable. 162 Super Farm (SUPER)Super Farm SUPER on ETH Network 163 Augur (REP)Augur REP on ETH Network 164 Augur (old) (REPv1)Augur (old) REPv1 on ETH Network 165 Yield Guild Games (YGG)Yield Guild Games YGG on ETH Network 166 Star Atlas (ATLAS)Star Atlas ATLAS on SOL Network 167 Raydium (RAY)Raydium RAY on SOL Network 168 Alchemix (ALCX)Alchemix ALCX on ETH Network 169 Verasity (VRA)Verasity VRA on ETH Network 170 NEO Gas (GAS)NEO Gas GAS 171 Ambrosus (old) (AMB)Ambrosus (old) AMB on ETH Network 172 AirSwap (AST)AirSwap AST on ETH Network 173 KIN (KIN)KIN KIN on SOL Network 174 Viberate (VIB)Viberate VIB on ETH Network 175 District0x (DNT)District0x DNT on ETH Network 176 Fox (FOX)Fox FOX on ETH Network 177 Quantstamp (QSP)Quantstamp QSP on ETH Network 178 Qash (QASH)Qash QASH on ETH Network 179 DigixDAO (DGD)DigixDAO DGD on ETH Network Exchange temporarily unavailable. 180 Dragon (DRGN)Dragon DRGN on ETH Network 181 Santiment (SAN)Santiment SAN on ETH Network 182 BnkToTheFuture (BFT)BnkToTheFuture BFT on ETH Network 183 Populous (PPT)Populous PPT on ETH Network 184 Mithril (old) (MITH)Mithril (old) MITH on ETH Network 185 SALT (SALT)SALT SALT on ETH Network 186 TenX (PAY)TenX PAY on ETH Network 187 Time New Bank (TNB)Time New Bank TNB on ETH Network 188 Raiden (RDN)Raiden RDN on ETH Network 189 Dentacoin (DCN)Dentacoin DCN on ETH Network 190 Edgeless (EDG)Edgeless EDG on ETH Network 191 Pillar (PLR)Pillar PLR on ETH Network 192 Tulip Protocol (TULIP)Tulip Protocol TULIP on SOL Network 193 Cindicator (CND)Cindicator CND on ETH Network 194 Ripio (RCN)Ripio RCN on ETH Network Limited exchange availability. 195 AppCoins (APPC)AppCoins APPC on ETH Network Unavailable for exchange. 196 Bread (BRD)Bread BRD on ETH Network 197 Genesis Vision (GVT)Genesis Vision GVT on ETH Network 198 MediShares (MDS)MediShares MDS on ETH Network 199 Wings (WINGS)Wings WINGS on ETH Network 200 WeTrust (TRST)WeTrust TRST on ETH Network 201 AdToken (ADT)AdToken ADT on ETH Network 202 Po.et (POE)Po.et POE on ETH Network Exchange temporarily unavailable. 203 Lunyr (LUN)Lunyr LUN on ETH Network 204 Matchpool (GUP)Matchpool GUP on ETH Network 205 Aeron (old) (ARN)Aeron (old) ARN on ETH Network 206 Binance (old) (BNBv1)Binance (old) BNBv1 on ETH Network 207 Tron (old) (TRXv1)Tron (old) TRXv1 on ETH Network 208 MCO (MCO)MCO MCO on ETH Network 209 Compound Dai (CDAI)Compound Dai CDAI on ETH Network 3.26% 210 Voyager (VGXv1)Voyager VGXv1 on ETH Network Exchange temporarily unavailable. 211 TaaS (TAAS)TaaS TAAS on ETH Network 212 FirstBlood (1ST)FirstBlood 1ST on ETH Network 213 Breaker (SNGLS)Breaker SNGLS on ETH Network 214 Rivetz (RVT)Rivetz RVT on ETH Network 215 Orca (ORCA)Orca ORCA on SOL Network 216 Terra Classic (LUNC)Terra Classic LUNCLUNC Network 217 TerraClassicUSD (USTC)TerraClassicUSD USTCLUNC Network 218 Olympus v2 (OHM)Olympus v2 OHM on ETH Network 219 Wrapped Ether (WETH)Wrapped Ether WETH on ETH Network 220 Wrapped Ether (WETH)Wrapped Ether WETH on MATIC Network 221 Wrapped Ether (soETH)Wrapped Ether soETH on SOL Network 222 THORchain (RUNE)THORchain RUNE on BNB Network 223 Anchor Protocol (ANC)Anchor Protocol ANCLUNC Network 224 BABY DOGE (BABYDOGE)BABY DOGE BABYDOGE on BSC Network 225 MoBox (MBOX)MoBox MBOX on BSC Network 226 Bonded Luna (bLuna)Bonded Luna bLunaLUNC Network 227 Avalanche (AVAX)Avalanche AVAXAVAX C-Chain Network 228 Genopets (GENE)Genopets GENE on SOL Network 229 Kin (old) (KINv1)Kin (old) KINv1 on ETH Network 230 Star Atlas DAO (POLIS)Star Atlas DAO POLIS on SOL Network 231 Aurory (AURY)Aurory AURY on SOL Network 232 Bonfida (FIDA)Bonfida FIDA on SOL Network 233 STEPN (GMT)STEPN GMT on BSC Network 234 STEPN (GMT)STEPN GMT on SOL Network 235 Mango (MNGO)Mango MNGO on SOL Network 236 Marinade Staked SOL (mSOL)Marinade Staked SOL mSOL on SOL Network 237 Wrapped Bitcoin (soBTC)Wrapped Bitcoin soBTC on SOL Network 238 COPE (COPE)COPE COPE on SOL Network 239 DeFi Land (DFL)DeFi Land DFL on SOL Network 240 Lido Staked SOL (stSOL)Lido Staked SOL stSOL on SOL Network 241 Lido Staked ETH (stETH)Lido Staked ETH stETH on ETH Network 242 Lido Staked MATIC (stMATIC)Lido Staked MATIC stMATIC on MATIC Network 243 Kyber (old) (KNCL)Kyber (old) KNCL on ETH Network 244 Exodus Shares (EXIT)Exodus Shares EXIT on ALGO Network 245 Meanfi (MEAN)Meanfi MEAN on SOL Network 246 JUST (JST)JUST JS on TTRX Network 247 Project Galaxy (GAL)Project Galaxy GAL on BSC Network 248 Sun (New) (SUN)Sun (New) SUNTRX Network 249 Green Satoshi Token (GST)Green Satoshi Token GST on BSC Network 250 NEAR Protocol (NEAR)NEAR Protocol NEAR on BSC Network 251 IOTA (MIOTA)IOTA MIOTA on BSC Network 252 IoTeX (IOTX)IoTeX IOTX on BSC Network 253 CEEK VR (CEEK)CEEK VR CEEK on ETH Network 254 Band Protocol (BAND)Band Protocol BAND on ETH Network 255 Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)Ocean Protocol OCEAN on ETH Network 256 Metis DAO (METIS)Metis DAO METIS on ETH Network 257 Tether USD (USDT.e)Tether USD USDT.eAVAX C-Chain Network 258 Frapped USDT (fUSDT)Frapped USDT fUSDTFTM Network 259 LooksRare (LOOKS)LooksRare LOOKS on ETH Network 260 STASIS EURO (EURS)STASIS EURO EURS on ETH Network 261 Ampleforth Governance (FORTH)Ampleforth Governance FORTH on ETH Network 262 Wrapped NXM (WNXM)Wrapped NXM WNXM on ETH Network 263 Opulous (OPUL)Opulous OPUL on ALGO Network 264 Smile Coin (SMILE)Smile Coin SMILE on ALGO Network 265 Yieldly (YLDY)Yieldly YLDY on ALGO Network 266 AlgoGems (GEMS)AlgoGems GEMS on ALGO Network 267 Synapse (SYN)Synapse SYN on ETH Network 268 Stargate Finance (STG)Stargate Finance STG on ETH Network 269 GMX (GMX)GMX GMXAVAX C-Chain Network 270 Aavegotchi (GHST)Aavegotchi GHST on MATIC Network 271 Reef (REEF)Reef REEF on BSC Network 272 Origin Token (OGN)Origin Token OGN on ETH Network 273 Alien Worlds (TLM)Alien Worlds TLM on BSC Network 274 MyNeighborAlice (ALICE)MyNeighborAlice ALICE on BSC Network 275 Origin Dollar (OUSD)Origin Dollar OUSD on ETH Network 276 BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX (SAVAX)BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX SAVAXAVAX C-Chain Network 277 Rocket Pool Protocol (RPL)Rocket Pool Protocol RPL on ETH Network 278 BENQI (QI)BENQI QIAVAX C-Chain Network 279 Pangolin (PNG)Pangolin PNGAVAX C-Chain Network 280 Rocket Pool ETH (RETH)Rocket Pool ETH RETH on ETH Network 281 Alpaca Finance (ALPACA)Alpaca Finance ALPACA on BSC Network 282 BinaryX (BNX)BinaryX BNX on BSC Network 283 Mdex (MDX)Mdex MDX on BSC Network 284 Celer Network (CELR)Celer Network CELR on BSC Network 285 Biswap (BSW)Biswap BSW on BSC Network 286 Xfinite Entertainment Token (XET)Xfinite Entertainment Token XET on ALGO Network 287 Metavault Trade (MVX)Metavault Trade MVX on MATIC Network 288 DappRadar (RADAR)DappRadar RADAR on ETH Network 289 Vestige (VEST)Vestige VEST on ALGO Network 290 Ontology Gas (ONG)Ontology Gas ONG 291 Nano (XNO)Nano XNO   The only means of accepted payment method is paying via cryptocurrencies - I accept only the cryptocurrencies presented at this link - This is a cryptocurrency wallet, it is a highly advanced one, it supports a lot of coins, and more are added periodically: https://www.exodus.com/status/   I do not accept any other payment method other than cryptocurrencies, thank you for understanding clearly.   I give lifetime warranty and you decide if you want replacement(I will give you another account absolutely anytime you need another one on the same tracker you purchased or replaced with other tracker in case that one is not good) or refund(I will give you your money back for absolutely any reason) under any circumstances whatsoever even if the account is good or disabled or banned or incorrect password or any reason whatsoever.   Contact me directly if you want to buy something or if you need help according to the warranty.   You can 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    • to topup in trances reply i know some servers in linux with uptime 2 and 3 years no reboot
    • Move for  Private Servers  thx
    • Recently I found some pretty cool npc effects that would add to the character. I would like to know which programs to use and how to create my own abnormal effects, using the ones from the npcs I found?
    • Thank you Mr.Gold! Finally someone decided to share something a little more "elaborate". Probably some people won't like that you share the secrets behind the "fine-tune" as your list promises. "Waiting for the next chapters 🤓".
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