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[help]L2 UKX gracia to IL


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Hi.. I tryied to give hat from gracia final to my Interlude client.. but i transfer UTX file for interlude.. but cant do same with UKX .. and when i start game with Gracia UKX it kick me with critical error..


know anyone some fix for IL UKX or how to transfer them to IL?:)

OAUKX dosnt help:(


Thx 4 helps:)

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step 1:

export the mesh with umodel from gracia's ukx...

step 2:

import the skeletal mesh file u exported (.psk) in 3ds max (using ActorXImporter script)

step 4:

export it in .3ds format .. then import it in cinema 4d and then export to .obj (Wavefront)

final step:

drop the .obj on OAUKX_C6.exe ... in armorgrp put the name of the ukx 2 times like this for ex. hat.hat


it should work coz oaukx was firstly made for IL anyway !


note: u can do this for accessories and weapons only. not armors.

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