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hellbound [Gracia Final L2J] L2NewWorld


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Hello everyone here is a 500x Gracia Final Server

Site - http://www.l2nw.comxa.com/

Forum - http://l2nw.smfforfree3.com/


Server Info:


- 99.9% Uptime

- Pvp, Pk, Server, Full Gm Shop's(GK Normal +3 Goddard-IT,Heine-Hellbound/Parnassus, 1h buffs, NO CUSTOM ITEMS, Ballanced Classes 90%, Safe Enchant +3 (Armors, Weapons, Jewels), Max Enchant +20, Full Atribute System, All Skills Working including 81-84,Full Vesper System, TvT Events.(for Farm Zone Info go at Info Queen IG).


Server Rate's: XP: 500x, SP: 500x, Adena: 500x, Sealstone: 40x,


Normal Enchant: 66% (as Retail)


Blessed Enchant: 75%


Opened on 15.11.09.

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