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[Help] Enter World Timeout on L2Kass


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So yeah I've got L2W 10.8.6 for Interlude + WSS 2.5 + WP v5.07F from here http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=15494.0

Got the IP and port of the server, configured everything and tryed to login BUT:


14:10:06 Link LoginServer Succeed.
14:10:12 Login LoginServer Success.
14:10:12 服务器[01]当前在线率:34.86%,能否登陆:能
14:10:14 Link GameServer Succeed.
14:10:20 ->Enter Char[1].
14:11:00 ->Enter World Timeout.


Any solutions?

Here's the server's site if someone want to try botting at it: http://l2kass.com



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