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[WTS]L2mafia Ken Orwen(x300)


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hi guys, i want to sell or trade:


Katana*katana +100 SOLD OUT!!!

Dynasty Two handed sword focus +35

Legency set +20

Tateosian set +20

Tattoo Soul +20

Arcana mace+30

Dynasty Magic Sword +30

Dynasty Dagger Critical Damage +30

Dynasty staff +30

Dynasty Bow Guidance +21

Heavens Diveder +30

Dynasty Stokings +20 (down part of mage dynasty armor)

Demon Splinter focus +21

x2 Ring of baium

Ring of Queen Ant

Zaken Earing

Monster Only(Shield of Imperial warlord zobie)

50.000 GOld bars SOlf Out


Send me message and offer me... ;)


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Its every 12 hours ...

Keep clean ur topic :)


IMO this srv enchant too crazy :P

Katanata +100 onlt with donate (i took them with trade :P)

Armor max = 20

Wep man = 30


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