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[Guide] How to Clean useless hard drive space in windows vista(shadow files)


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hi as the title says i will show you how to free hard drive space in windows vista ( if a post like this is already made feel free to delete my post or move it to jankuard ty)

In windows vista some hardrive space  is taken by shadow files these are most shadow copies of your files and System restore points that take you space in hard drive.

to get rid of them just folow this simple steps

1)Go to start then run and type there cmd

2) Choose to  open as administrator

3) Now to see how much hard drive space these files are taking from you copy this and paste it in cmd(don't forget to run as admin)

VSSAdmin list ShadowStorage


(sory my pc is in greek cause i am greek :D Usualy the number of gb  these files are taking you from your hdd are in the 3rd sentence before the end)

4)Then to delete these shadow files you must copy this and paste this in cmd

VSSAdmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=C: /On=C: /MaxSize=15GB

( there that says MaxSize=15 gb you can change it to the number that you have shadow files for ex MaxSise=12GB)

5) Now hit enter and you are done:)

ps: sometimes the shadowfiles are not deleting with once so you have to change the MaxSise a lot of times one by one for ex maxsise=15 then you will pres the same with maxsise=14 untill they all be deleted(you can watch your hardrive  space becoming bigger while you doing this) :)

try it and tell me :)




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