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[Infinite Server][Elyos]How To Take Cool Armors!


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Hello guys i will show you today how to take cool armors its 1 but

for all races thats why i named it cools and not cool anyway..

its a bug and easy if you understand it...

so lets start.

The Armor is 30lvl so only 30lvl players and above can wear it

so i show you the way how to take it its some kind of big but

i think that the armor just own:D

and i named this bug because you cant go in from the gate

so you must how to get in... i show you the way in the below



1) You have to go in eltnen and then fly from the teleport to

Golden bough garrison and then just go to that place below:





How looks the gate that you cannot pass in through npc:P


width=1024 height=640http://i33.tinypic.com/4gjlg0.jpg[/img]


2) so now if you go back again you will see a thing like a bridge

that makes something like this ^ so you have to go up in that

column like this:




after that you have to jump here its easy:


width=1024 height=640http://i37.tinypic.com/2vi2uiq.jpg[/img]


and here comes the hard part of all the bug but for me its easy^^

you have just to jump and go down to the left side look the pic:


width=1024 height=640http://i38.tinypic.com/ne3xi.jpg[/img]


and after that you will be like that here:

width=1024 height=640http://i36.tinypic.com/15i55d0.jpg[/img]


well the only you have to do now is just to hold the ''W'' from

the keyboard and spam spacebar what i mean with the word spam

spacebar? i mean to click it over and over till you pass in...

the whole theme is to have some luck:D if you passed in then

congratulations:D look i am inside^^:

width=1024 height=640http://i33.tinypic.com/bgttoh.jpg[/img]


3) now comes the easy part:D

You Have Just to go down there in the waterfall you will find a

npc and take the armor remember you will take only the 3 parts

of the armor the other 2 i show you below how to take it but

dont be afraid its very easy you have only to walk:P

width=1024 height=640http://i33.tinypic.com/30m7foz.jpg[/img]


here is how the npc looks like:

width=1024 height=640http://i35.tinypic.com/sxhtly.jpg[/img]


4)ok now go back to eltnen and fly to agairon village to take the

other 2 parts of the armor here i show you:

width=1024 height=640http://i38.tinypic.com/1zgxds7.jpg[/img]


now just walk front till you go here then just fly down there

and you will see a npc the name of npc is chicorinerk take the

other 2 parts and wear the armor

it ownZ:D

width=1024 height=640http://i38.tinypic.com/zup8d1.jpg[/img]


ouf! end...:P i hope that i helped it was takes me a lot of time

to do it so i hope i see some nice comments^^

edit: revenger like i tell ya i will make more guides:D



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Oh god is so awesome!But im asmo so its kinda sad ;( Why didin't you played as asmo ;D

i have a ranger in asmodian 13 lvl but i am boring to lvl up him


btw this post makes takes me so much time and no comments? except jenny^^

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Well don't be so lazy its easy to level up ;D WE NEED ASMO BUGS! ;D

well hmm maybe i will start with my asmodian ranger:D i will think about it but i am sure that if i begin again with my ranger i will find lot of bugs on how to get exp,money,stuff^^


edit: btw well...  why  actually didnt you make a elyos account? i will find some more and i post them here but dont know when i will find....

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Well i always pick the dark ones , bad ones ;D


The same was in l2 i picked Dark elf's ~_~

lol you bad boy xD well like i said in the above post i will see if i continue my char in asmodian but if you want you can lvl up for me a char in asmodians and then i come to find bugs:P

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lol... What are you meaning with ''LAWL''?


edit: btw its just SUCKS you know to be fucked all day and make some guides for some ppl in a forum wannabe helpfull-person and just dont take even some thanks this guys just SUCKS BELIEVE me if its going like that then i will not keeping create guides from infinite server to here... :(

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