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[Share] Shop by CzStyl3

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Hello all, i have to share my Faction Shop with you. Just execute SQL file in navicat,then add the files in data and the files in multisell and spawn your Faction shop in the Game.

Works only on interlude.

Shop contain Dyansty Armors,Icarus Weapons,Raid Boss Jewels and Misc Items.


Download Here --->http://www.4shared.com/file/144183117/dcbf67e5/FactionShop.html


Credits to CzStyl3 ....

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nice shop...it works very fine...i am looking for it from 3 days and i dont find any 1 shop to work.


Ty Ty Ty    :-*

if u spam again i will dekarma u. thats a warning.


Cuz u say that its working fine but it still have 0 downloads.

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